Organizational Recap – All Star Teams Announced

Published on July 6th, 201630 comment

The Cubs dropped a game to the Reds, but had seven names announced as All Stars. We talk about that and look at the farm in today’s organizational recap.

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Organizational Recap: Down Goes Bryant

Published on July 5th, 201622 comment

The Cubs got back to their winning ways against the Reds and the world held it’s collective breath as Kris Bryant went down after a collision. Let’s talk about that and look at what happened down on the farm.

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Organizational Recap: Try Harder Not To Suck

Published on July 4th, 201639 comment

Our old pal, Sherm, returns with his rants as we break down the organization results from July 3rd, the last day of the weekend of airing of grievances. The Cubs lost and got swept and Clayton Richard made a start in AAA.

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Organizational Recap: This Sucks

Published on July 3rd, 201617 comment

I dubbed this weekend a weekend of the airing of grievances and complaining, so I’m going to continue to do just that. I’m mad at Arrieta. I’m made at Cubs fans, and I want things to be all better.

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Organizational Recap: The Airing of Grievances

Published on July 2nd, 201617 comment

It’s not fun the way the Cubs have played lately. It’s not fun getting tweets from suddenly optimistic Cardinals fans that want to take advantage of the small crack and stick a jab in it, thinking somehow that will make the standings all better for them. It’s not fun at all right now, so here is what I propose. We take the weekend, expect the worst and whine about it. Then we put on our big boy pants on Monday and prepare for the trade(s) that are coming and the last three months of the regular season, which are going to be a fun ride to the playoffs. Go on, it’s the airing of grievances this weekend and then we move on.

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