Looking Back at Week 7 of MLB

Foreign substance suspensions, remembering yesterday’s stars and a change in the lead for the Rookie of the Year race headlined Week 7 of Major League Baseball.


Game 17 Notes – Addison Russell Comes Through

Published on April 27th, 201515 comment

When you watched this game, it really was much closer than the 5-2 score would indicate. Joe Aiello checks in this morning with yesterday’s game notes.

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4/25 Postponement Notes

Published on April 25th, 201512 comment

Even without a game today, there is still plenty to talk about with the Cubs, who have already provided a year’s worth of excitement in this very young season. Today it’s the question of Javier Baez’ return and the surplus of catchers.

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Game 16 Notes – I Ain’t Missing You At All

Published on April 25th, 201516 comment

This baseball team is just plain fun to watch. It would be a little more fun to watch on Central time, but beggars can’t be choosy. Here are a few notes from the game.

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The Plan: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Published on April 24th, 20152 comment

Now that The Plan seems to be coming to fruition, let’s take an overview of what has happened so far, and what might be coming down the road.

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Game 15 Notes – Bad Bullpen Day

Published on April 24th, 201515 comment

These days, every day of the year is some sort of theme day. There is bosses day, secretaries day, eat pie day, cut your toenails day. For the Cubs, Thursday was “bad bullpen day”.

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Is 2015 a Historic Start for the Chicago Cubs?

Published on April 23rd, 20152 comment

Chris Neitzel checks in with a look at how 2015′s start to the season compares to some of the historic starts in Cubs history in this edition of Northside Archives.

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Game 14 Notes – Late Rally Falls Short

Published on April 23rd, 20152 comment

Is it just me or did yesterday’s game feel different up until the 8th inning? We talk about it in today’s game notes.

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Game 13 Notes – Another Comeback Victory

Published on April 22nd, 201526 comment

The debut of the next great Cubs prospect happened on Tuesday, but it was the Cubs heart of the order that produced. We talk about that and the move to get Russell to the big leagues in today’s game notes.

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Ernie Banks: A Legacy That Lives On

Published on April 21st, 201514 comment

When you hear the name Ernie Banks, what is your first thought? Katie Cernek discusses what that name means to her.

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