Recap and Look Ahead

Let’s take a brief look back at the weekend’s baseball, and a quick look toward the week ahead. The Cubs are headed to Pittsburgh then back to Wrigley to host the Nationals.


Projecting the Roster: Catcher

Published on March 7th, 20169 comment

We are inching closer to opening day, so it’s time to begin to look and speculate on what the roster will look like once the dust settles on spring training. Today I wanted to take a look at the catcher position. It figures to be the “easiest” to predict as far as what players will be on the roster, but that doesn’t mean there are not still questions that we can ask.

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Morning News: Spring Games Have Begun With a Loss

Published on March 4th, 201612 comment

It’s been a while since I put fingers to keyboard (has that replaced the pen to paper phrase in this digital age yet? If not, I call dibbs on coining it), but I’m back today. Spring games started for the Cubs yesterday and so I hope to be writing a little more often. I’m not someone that focuses on wins and losses in spring games (the Cubs are already 1.5 games out of 1st place). Instead, I like to focus on storylines and notes so let’s get to it.

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GirlieView (03/03/2016)

Published on March 3rd, 201617 comment

GirlieView is a VFTB recap column on alternate Thursdays. We give our readers props for having timely and funny quotes from the past two weeks of VFTB commentary. Join us for a few good laughs!

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Seymour Goes to Camp

Published on March 1st, 201634 comment

Join our own Seymour Butts as he grants us a rare inside look at Cubs Fantasy Camp! There may or may not be video of Seymour embarrassing himself on the field.

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Why Kyle Hendricks is the Cubs number 4 starter… And it’s not even close

Published on February 25th, 201670 comment

There are many question marks surrounding who the Cubs’ number 4/5 spots in the rotation should be. With some persuasion and statistics, Elijah Knepper will attempt to convince you that Kyle Hendricks is the right guy for the number 4 spot in the rotation.

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Spring Training or Bust

Published on February 24th, 201612 comment

Spring Training is full of high hopes and crazy stats. Can you find trends for the season hidden in the small sample size? What stats matter when the wins and losses don’t?

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Can the Cubs Meet the 2016 Expectations?

Published on February 23rd, 201621 comment

The Cubs received a lot of attention last season for their impressive young crop of talent and improbable run to the NLCS. This year, Vegas has them at 4-1 odds to win the World Series. Can they handle it?

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A Look Back on the 2011 Cubs Top Ten Prospects

Published on February 22nd, 201623 comment

Prospect lists are always fun. For Cubs fans prior to 2015, those lists were something to hold onto while the major league team was in a rebuilding phase. However, prospects always don’t pan out like they are projected. Luke takes a look at the 2011 Baseball America Top 10 List.

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Predictions for the 2016 Season

Published on February 19th, 201694 comment

Despite the daily barrage of pics and quotes from pre-spring training, there really isn’t that much significant news to report or discuss right now. So, let’s just have some fun with some early predictions.

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