5 Things a Cub Fan Needs To Know on September 3rd

The Cubs lost again yesterday and that may concern you. We’ve got the things you need to know as we wind down our week.


5 Things Cubs Fans Need to Know for August 3

Published on August 3rd, 201512 comment

The Cubs are heading in the right direction, winning their last five games in a row, but they have a very tough and very crucial week starting tonight in Pittsburgh.

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5 Things A Cub Fan Needs To Know on August 2nd

Published on August 2nd, 201510 comment

The Cubs drew closer to the series sweep with a 4-2 win in Milwaukee thanks to Anthony Rizzo, Kyle Hendricks and newcomer, Tommy Hunter. We get you ready for Sunday with the things you need to know.

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5 Things Cubs Fans Need to Know for Aug. 1

Published on August 1st, 201541 comment

A summary of the two trades the Cubs made yesterday and reaction to the deadline moves for Chicago, along with notes on last night’s win in Milwaukee.

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Trade Deadline Open Thread

Published on July 31st, 201551 comment

Rather than writing about “news”, which is nothing more than rumors about what could and probably won’t happen, let’s use this post to talk about the deadline today which is […]

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5 Things Cubs Fans Need to Know for July 30

Published on July 30th, 201527 comment

The Cubs bounced back from a tough loss on Tuesday to win the series against the Rockies, and the trade market for them remains quiet while the rest of the league seems busy.

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Yesterday’s News: Cubs get trounced, trade market heating up

Published on July 29th, 201544 comment

The Cubs may have produced a dud last night, but their chances to take the series against the Rockies today are good, and the trade market is heating up.

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5 Things Cubs Fans Need to Know for July 28

Published on July 28th, 201519 comment

After the weekend that we had against the Phillies, the Cubs (and their fans) absolutely needed a win like they got last night, and trade rumors are heating up as the deadline approaches on Friday.

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Looking Back at Week 14 of MLB

Published on July 27th, 2015no comments

Kyle Schwarber continues to be a bright spot, trade speculation is heating up and a division foe loses their ace. Meanwhile, the Royals improve in the short term.

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5 Things a Cub Fans Needs To Know on July 26th

Published on July 26th, 201545 comment

On Saturday, some of us saw something that hadn’t happened to the Cubs since 1965….and some of us missed it. Read about it as you catch up on the things to know for Sunday.

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