The Backend of the Cubs Rotation Question

The top three in the rotation are locks, but what about the final two spots? Can Kyle Hendricks continue his sneaky good success? Can Jason Hammel bounce back from a […]


The Sean Marshall Trade: A Look Back

Published on December 23rd, 20152 comment

Four years ago today, the Cubs made a trade with the Cincinnati Reds that saw them trade Sean Marshall at the height of his value. Pundits will talk about a move and dissect it to death, but to fully know who won or lost a trade you have to let it play out. It’s been four years so it’s time to take a look at where we stand.

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Looking ahead at Miguel Montero

Published on December 23rd, 20157 comment

All things considered, Miguel Montero was a disappointment last season. This year will be his second with the team, as the 2x All-Star looks to regain his form within a lineup of stark talent.

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Giving Goes Beyond The Game

Published on December 23rd, 201511 comment

Sue Draper talks about what the phrase ‘giving your all’ means to Cubs players and their fans this holiday season, from a professional down to a personal level.

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Pitching Tips and Tipping Pitches

Published on December 22nd, 20159 comment

Could Jake Arrieta be even better in 2016? Or was the NLCS a warning of things to come. Could the Cubs be looking to trade for Arrieta’s replacement?

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Players to watch in 2016: Carl Edwards

Published on December 22nd, 20156 comment

In the first of a series of offseason posts, Jared Wyllys has a look at a player who is under most of our radars, and offers some thoughts on why that player might be worth closer attention.

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Chris Coghlin: The Road Back to Relevancy

Published on December 21st, 20156 comment

Guest contributor, Adam Serink helps Cub fans remember that as exciting as the new lineup will be, we should not forget one member of the roster.

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What’s Next? Thoughts on the next possible move

Published on December 18th, 201529 comment

What’s the next move? The flurry seems to be over, given that the Cubs have seemingly plugged their two major holes in the roster with John Lackey and Jason Heyward, […]

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The Winter Meetings: Rob Willer Edition

Published on December 17th, 20154 comment

Now that this year’s winter meetings are fully done with, Rob Willer reflects on an experience of a lifetime for a baseball fan: His trip to the winter meetings in December 2014.

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Looking Ahead: The 2016 Cubs

Published on December 16th, 201551 comment

With the winter meetings officially being placed in the metaphorical “books”, Chris O’Reilly looks ahead to the coming season with a made-up, improved, and legitimately dangerous Cubs team.

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