Are the Cubs’ Pitching Prospects Underrated?

Everyone knows about the Cubs’ top hitting prospects, especially the “Big Four”. And it’s the Cubs’ offensive prospects that propelled them to unanimous top fives or better in media farm system ratings. But is the Cubs’ system really that devoid of arms?


What Should We Accept From the Cubs in 2014

Disappointed by the opening day loss in dramatic fashion? How about a nice discussion on what you’re willing to accept from this team in 2014 and a look back at what went down in yesterday’s loss.

VFTB Radio Episode 9 – The Opening Day Show

Fresh off an opening day heartbreaking loss to the Pirates, the guys talk about the game and what they saw and finish the show on a high note with a discussion on baseball related video games, where you can actually control whether or not your team wins.

Miggy and Trout Get Paid, Drug Testing, and Opening Day.

What do Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout and Steroids have in common? They’re all a part of the week that was in MLB.

10 Bold Predictions for the 2014 Cubs Season

Happy Opening Day. Joe Aiello kicks it off with 10 bold predictions for the 2014 Cubs season to get you ready for this afternoon’s game.

Cubs Roster Taking Shape

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer announced yesterday that Mike Olt and Ryan Kalish have made the Cubs MLB roster (making Sean Powell’s early roster predictions look AMAZING – and making Joe’s predictions look TERRIBLE). We break it down today as we inch closer to Opening Day

Why Cubs’ Fans Can’t Compare Current Prospects with Gary Scott and Felix Pie

There are many out there who will say “We’ve seen this before” when it comes to Cubs prospects. Chris Neitzel addresses that concern and examines whether or not that feeling is warranted with this new crop of prospects in the system.

The Romance Is Gone….It’s A Whores Game Now

Some recent contract negotiations have caused this fan to wonder if it is truly a good investment in ones time to have a favorite player. Have agents and players reached the point of lunacy in their asking prices?

Who Should Start in Left Field?

Despite the Cubs’ outfield likely being one of the worst in baseball in 2014, only one starting spot remains at least nominally open. Junior Lake had a great couple of months in left field after the Alfonso Soriano trade, but was it smoke and mirrors, and is it enough to get him the starting spot on opening day?

VFTB Radio – Episode 8

Joe and Sean break down the roster debate and answer a question on the status of Fujikawa in 2014 and beyond.