3 Reasons Why The Cubs Should Drop the Third Base Platoon

Yesterday was an interesting day at Wrigley Field. There was a celebration and a devastating loss, but let’s start out with a topic other than that. Let’s address this third base platoon.


Six Things I Learned This Week About The Cubs

Week one is in the books and Joe Aiello would like to open his notebook and share with the class what he learned this week from watching the Cubs.

Emilio Bonifacio Is the Stuff of Legends

Katie Cernek makes her 2014 regular season debut with a look at the game Saturday as well as a brief discussion on Emilio Bonifacio.

Why Are Managers Involved In Replay? How It Should Change

Another situation today that could have potentially involved a replay review. There was a delay and then no review. Why are managers involved in the process and what should be done about it?

Morning News – The Ricketts Are Selling The Team

The Cubs get their first win of the year behind Mike Olt’s first HR and the Ricketts family is selling. Happy Opening Day.

GirlieView (04/03/2014)

GirlieView is a VFTB recap column on alternate Thursdays. We give our readers props for having timely and funny quotes from the past two weeks of VFTB commentary. Join us for a few good laughs!

Morning News – Do You Want To See My Donut Hole?

A very long game last night has Joe a little sleepy this morning, but he still found it in his heart to rise early and deliver the news. In this edition we talk donuts, we talk Wrigley Field seating and we get your seeds hot with prospect chatter. Oh, I we talk about last nights marathon of a game.

VFTB Radio – Special Edition – Joe on ESPN Des Moines

Joe Aiello joined Marty Tirrell and Trent Condon this afternoon on ESPN 1490 The Jock to talk about the Cubs on a variety of topics. Our thanks to ESPN 1490 for providing the audio.

A Look at Cubs’ Opening Day History: 1981: The Ugly, the Dreadful and the Horrid.

Chris Neitzel checks in with another look at Cubs history by remembering the wonderful? year of 1981.

Morning News – How Do You Like Your Hotdog?

What do hotdogs, closers and old men trying to pitch have in common with spring? They’re all a part of today’s morning news.