Trades Shake Up Playoff Picture, Hall of Fame Adds Members and More!

The trade deadline is just days away, and we’ve already started to see some jockeying by the league’s top contenders. Let’s get to it!


Cubs 2, Red Sox 0 – Game Notes

Jake Arrieta got me very close to a personal bucket list item as the Cubs take game one of the series vs the Red Sox. We also discuss Cubs notes, including trade rumors and look at the night down on the farm.

Lincecum Blanks Padres Again, $9 Billion Lawsuit Coming & More!

After a couple of the weeks out of this month featured some big names passing on, we get to open up this week’s article with some great news regarding a retired pitching legend.

Rebuilding the Cubs: Journey to a Championship – April 2014 Report

Think you could build a Cubs world Series? Joe Aiello continues his quest for a ring as he attempts to lead the Cubs to a title using Out of the Park Baseball. This week we look at the results of April 2014.

GirlieView (06/26/2014)

GirlieView is a VFTB recap column on alternate Thursdays. We give our readers props for having timely and funny quotes from the past two weeks of VFTB commentary. Join us for a few good laughs!

3 Passes the White Sox Get that the Cubs Would Not

Sure they have one more World Series in the last 100 years; but the White Sox get a free pass for many of the same types of blunder the Cubs have made.

Arrieta is Good, Rizzo is Good, Twitterites are Morons and I Don’t Like Renteria

If you missed the game yesterday, I came away from it with four thoughts that I wanted to share. We also debut the new feature, Would You Rather.

The Best Option for Cubs Ace of the Future May Not Be Who You Think

Jeff Samardzija, and whether the Cubs will trade or extend him, has received all the press this season. But it might be another, less celebrated, Cubs starter who has the best shot at reaching ace status.

Baseball Loses Another Legend, Kershaw Makes History & More!

For the second week this month, we have some terrible news to report. Fortunately, it wasn’t all bad, but this loss was a big one to take.

Fake 2014 Cubs Season – Week 1 Recap

The debut post of the fake Cubs rebuild project using Out of The Park Baseball 15 begins today as Joe recaps week one of the 2014 Cubs season.