Game 45 Notes – That Was Delightful

It was a really nice way to win last night, especially after a frustrating close loss on Monday and there continues to be plenty to be excited about on this very young roster.


Game 29 Notes – Let’s Pretend This One Didn’t Happen

Published on May 10th, 20159 comment

Kris Bryant hit his first career home run. The rest is kinda hazy and best left to be forgotten. Katie recaps the action from last night’s loss.

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Game 28 Notes – That’s More Like It

Published on May 9th, 20155 comment

Despite a horrible showing against the Cardinals last series, Jason Hammel came out and pitched well to get the Cubs off to a good start in the weekend series against the Brewers.

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Ups and Downs Illustrate the Uniqueness of Baseball

Published on May 8th, 2015one comment

I’ve thought a lot in the past about how baseball is truly unique among the “big four” sports, and I think this rollercoaster type season is a good illustration of that.

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Game 27 Notes – Cubs Baseball Can Be Frustrating Sometimes

Published on May 8th, 20158 comment

Cubs (1) @ Cardinals (5) W: John Lackey (2-1) L: Jake Arrieta (3-3) S: Trevor Rosenthal (10) This has been a very frustrating week of Cubs baseball. It feels like we were a mile high after […]

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Northside Archives: Houston’s House of Horrors

Published on May 7th, 20159 comment

This is an excerpt from the latest edition of my book; “Beyond Bartman, Curses and Goats: 107 Reasons It’s Been 107 Years”…available next month.

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Game 26 Notes – A Win is a Win

Published on May 7th, 201527 comment

I said yesterday that there was still hope for this series since we had the top of the rotation left to pitch. While last night’s outing from Lester wasn’t as good as it could be, it got the job done behind the bats and we’re in line for a series spit on the road against one of the best teams in the NL.

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Junior Lake Debate: Frustration, or Future Star?

Published on May 6th, 201513 comment

It’s too early to tell this season, but there’s a possibility that Junior Lake has made adjustments at the plate that could prevent him from perpetually being back and forth between Des Moines and Chicago.

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Game 25 Notes – Another Night of Frustrating Baseball

Published on May 6th, 201515 comment

Another night and another loss. The Cubs and Cardinals are headed in different directions right now and it’s frustrating, but don’t give up.

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Minor League Update: The Next Great Prospect

Published on May 5th, 20156 comment

With Javier Baez having lost his rookie eligibility and Addison Russell likely to do so soon, I bet you’re thinking the Cubs won’t have a single high ranking middle infield prospect this offseason. Thankfully, you’d be wrong, as 18 year old Venezuelan shortstop Gleyber Torres is tearing up the Midwest League in his first full season professional experience.

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