How the Cubs Bullpen Should Look in Second Half

Published on July 15th, 201628 comment

The past month, the Cubs have faltered in all aspects of the game. But, the lack of bullpen consistency is perhaps the most glaring issue for the team as they limp into the second half. With the trade rumors starting to brew, let’s take a look at an ideal bullpen for the Cubs as they try to secure the NL Central.

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First Half Awards

Published on July 13th, 201617 comment

We’ve made it to the All-Star break and it is very evident that the Cubs need to get it figured out. However, Elijah Knepper has decided to not talk about Jason Heyward, or Andrew Miller, or whoever else. Instead, he takes an attempt at handing out awards for the first half of the season.

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I Love Bryan Adams

Published on July 13th, 201667 comment

After the second straight day of attacks on one of my favorite musicians, I feel it’s important to Make A Stand. These sort of attacks tend to Cut Like a Knife, and though many of you may not be fans, it’s important that he can Depend on Me.

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I Don’t Know Who Bryan Adams Is

Published on July 12th, 201640 comment

Yesterday, Sherm wrote that he hates Bryan Adams. I can go Sherm one further. I don’t know who Bryan Adams is. I don’t know what he looks like. I would not recognize his voice. I can’t name any of his songs. I know that he is a rock musician only because the context in which Sherm mentioned him makes that plain.

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I Hate Bryan Adams

Published on July 11th, 201654 comment

I hate Bryan Adams. It’s true. Summer of ’69? Are you kidding me? I hate the song and I hate him. And today when I decide to NOT watch the game? That song is playing when I get in the car. Now I hate Sirius XM, too.

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