The Price is Wrong?

Maybe David Price joining the Cubs is not actually a sure bet, but maybe there are enough other options to fill the starting pitching void that it won’t matter. Here’s a look at a couple of possibilities.


Afternoon update: Trade/Free agent rumors, AFL news

Published on October 28th, 2015one comment

The hot stove is heating up early, so here’s a look at some of the trade and free agent rumors already being connected to the Cubs, as well as an update from Arizona.

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Out of the Archives: Success Rate of MLB Draft Picks by Slot

Published on October 27th, 201523 comment

This week we are taking an in depth look at the success rates of first-round draft picks from 1990-2006. Buckle up because we’re going to wow you with info.

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Catching up with the Arizona Fall League

Published on October 26th, 201510 comment

While we were preoccupied with the postseason run that the parent club was on, many of us probably missed the start of the Arizona Fall League. Here’s a look at who’s there and what they have done so far.

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2015 Cubs in Review – There Art Thou Happy

Published on October 22nd, 201542 comment

The 2015 Cubs season is over and while it might have ended on a sour note, there are a lot of reasons to be happy. Here’s a look back on what was a very surprising year.

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NLCS Game 3 Notes – Mets 5 @ Cubs 2

Published on October 21st, 201571 comment

Game 3 was a bit disappointing, but Joe has a message for all the Cubs fans as you head into tonight’s must win game 4.

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NLCS Game 2 Notes – Cubs 1 @ Mets 4

Published on October 18th, 201544 comment

This is certainly a very frustrating way to start things off, but these series run 7 games for a reason. We likely have 3 games at Wrigley to look forward to, and still reason to hope.

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NLCS Game 1 Notes – Cubs 2 @ Mets 4

Published on October 18th, 201533 comment

Game 1 is in the books. While it didn’t go as planned, we’ve got game 2 with Jake on the mound and it’s time to even things up.

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Can You Name the Cubs Opening Day Lineups Since 1991?

Published on October 17th, 20153 comment

This Cubs team is one to remember, unlike others in the past. Can you name the opening day lineup for the Cubs going back to 1991?

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NLCS Preview: Cubs vs. Mets

Published on October 17th, 201511 comment

It’s been twelve long years since the Cubs have been to the NLCS and they are favored to go even farther than that. For now, here’s a look at the NLCS against the Mets that lies ahead.

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