Monday Quick Thoughts

Published on September 12th, 201627 comment

It’s Monday and I’m tired, but I’ve got some quick and random thoughts to share with you for discussion as we head into what should be a fun week of Cubs baseball.

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Remembering 9/11

Published on September 11th, 201641 comment

As is tradition on this site, I would like to post my story of 9/11. It’s important to share our stories because everyone was affected by that day. Don’t ever forget that day. Feel free to share your story in the comment section.

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Which Cubs are Eligible for the Playoff Roster…Explained

Published on September 9th, 201623 comment

Got an e-mail from reader, Doug, who asked about playoff roster stuff, so I wanted to break it down short and sweet, because it really is very simple.

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A baseball game happened

Published on September 8th, 201620 comment

A thimble-full of recap, followed by more and then more stupidity. Happy off-day Thursday.

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September 8th – This Day in Cubs History

Published on September 8th, 20165 comment

Each day we look at the significant happenings, transactions as birthdays in the history of the Chicago Cubs.

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