WAR: What is it Good For? Wins

Published on June 14th, 201626 comment

As you can probably tell analytics are not my specialty, but I have begun to noodle around on FanGraphs and some other sites to begin to teach myself some of […]

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Is the Sky Falling For Jason Hammel?

Published on June 11th, 201621 comment

The Cubs dropped the opening game to the Braves which could signal the sky is falling for one player, but we saw some nice glove work by a youngster. Plus the Cubs finally got to draft.

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All Star Game Changes

Published on June 10th, 20167 comment

Last year it was the Royals, this year, it is the Cubs. I am beyond pleased that so many fans have voted for the Cubs players to get into the All-Star game, and truthfully, many of the Cubs players that will be on the NL All-Star Team will be deserving. However, something needs to change with either the voting, or the significance of the All-Star Game.

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GirlieView (06/09/2016)

Published on June 9th, 201622 comment

GirlieView is a VFTB recap column on alternate Thursdays. We give our readers props for having timely and funny quotes from the past two weeks of VFTB commentary. Join us for a few good laughs!

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Falling In Love All Over Again

Published on June 8th, 201630 comment

I am on vacation this week in Chicago. I picked a horrible week to come as the Cubs head to Atlanta and Washington, two places I could actually drive to and watch them on the road. Oh well, I’ll just have to catch what I can while I’m here visiting family. Probably won’t see much of any of the games, so expect these posts to be more of a placeholder to talk about the game until I get back.

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When Ryan Howard Homers Off Your Team, It Is Not Your Night

Published on June 7th, 201635 comment

The Cubs lost a game that they very well could have won. The Phillies took advantage of their opportunities and the Cubs did not.

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6 Tennessee Smokies Make the All Star Team

Published on June 7th, 2016no comments

The Southern League announced Tuesday that six Tennessee Smokies players have been named Southern League Mid-Season All-Stars for the circuit’s 2016 All-Star Game, which will be played on Tuesday, June 21 at Trustmark Park in Pearl, Miss.

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All Our Outfielders Keep Getting Hurt

Published on June 7th, 201654 comment

It appears that, for now, we are back in business for posting new content. I”m sure you guys never realized how much you take VFTB for granted until it was taken away from you. It”s funny, I”ve been doing this 13 years and each time something major happens to the blog, I begin to question whether I want to carry on. Then I remember how much I”d miss it and decide it”s a journey worth making.

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Technical Difficulties

Published on June 6th, 201635 comment

Thanks for being patient. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties that is making it near impossible to post new content to the blog.
If you or someone you know has the ability to troubleshoot Wordpress issues, please contact me: joe@viewfromthebleachers.com

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