MLB is a Whore, but I Love Her Anyway

Published on May 22nd, 20166 comment

Joe is a little angry this morning as he had to miss last night’s game and the Cubs made a move beforehand that he didn’t like.

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What The Cubs Can Do If Jason Heyward’s Injury Is Serious

Published on May 21st, 201621 comment

Yesterday we saw the Cubs win against the Giants behind another great start by Jake Arrieta, but it was the injury to Jason Heyward in the 1st inning that had Joe’s brain buzzing about what happens if Heyward is shelved long term.

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Don’t Panic (Yet)

Published on May 20th, 201620 comment

It’s been a frustrating week. We’ve been riding high all season with this ridiculous start, but we all knew that the Cubs weren’t actually going to maintain this pace and win 140 games this season.

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Organization Recap – We Lost to the Brewers? Again?!?!

Published on May 20th, 201634 comment

The Cubs may have dropped a winnable series in Milwaukee (seriously, how does that happen?), but it’s Jake Arrieta day and there were a couple nice performances in the minors in this morning’s Organization Recap.

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Why Kyle Hendricks Needs To Be In the Bullpen

Published on May 19th, 20165 comment

Nate Usher has some hot takes on how to fix what isn’t broken, why Jorge Soler should go down to Iowa, why Kyle Hendricks should relieve and Miguel Montero needs to go back on the DL.

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Are Sports Just One Big Conspiracy?

Published on May 19th, 201640 comment

What if the whole sports landscape is just one big conspiracy? What if everything we believe and trust about sports is a lie? Is it possible?

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Organization Recap – Cubs Sign A Closer?

Published on May 18th, 201638 comment

In this edition of the Organization Recap, the Cubs go out and lay an egg offensively, despite a pair of home runs (one by someone who was desperately needing one). We also talk about a potential signing that could pay dividends down the road and look at the happenings down on the farm.

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Why I’m Not a Fan of the Current Cubs Roster

Published on May 17th, 201634 comment

Even though yesterday was an off day, there is always something to talk about for the Cubs and today Joe has a rant about what is driving him nuts about this current Cubs roster.

We also take a look at what went down last night on the farm, including two players in the organization being named Player of the Week for last week.

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Organizational Recap – 5/15/2016

Published on May 16th, 201635 comment

The Cubs dropped the series finale against the Pirates and I’ve got a bone to pick with two Pirates players. Perhaps they should learn to play better baseball before running their mouths.

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