Game 9 Notes – Where Was the Kris Bryant Cam?

A Debut that was supposed to cure everything that was wrong in the world today ended in an 0-for-4 with 3 strikeouts. Let’s talk about it.


Andre Dawson: The Hawk is Flying Back to Chicago on April 13

Published on April 12th, 20153 comment

Although Andre “The Hawk” Dawson spent the bulk of his 21-year career with the Montreal Expos, he’s also remembered fondly in Chicago due to producing some of his finest seasons as a […]

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Game 5 – Cubs Receive A Gift From An Old Friend

Published on April 12th, 201511 comment

Over the last few seasons, the Cubs would not have won a game like Sunday’s late comeback. We’ve seen a new feel to the energy with this team in 2015 and Sunday’s finish may be the start of a swagger that has been missing for quite some time.

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Game 4 Notes – The bats have arrived

Published on April 12th, 201520 comment

A refreshing night, seeing our offense put up 9 runs, including back to back bombs from Coghlan and Olt and a great night from Dexter Fowler against his former team.

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Game 3 Notes – Failure To Chase

Published on April 11th, 201510 comment

I came into last nights game pretty excited for baseball, but went to be disappointed. Let’s get to the game notes and talk about.

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Why Javier Baez is Taking Some Time Off

Published on April 10th, 201512 comment

Another day without Cubs baseball yesterday so another edition of the news this morning as we wait for today’s game.

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The Cubs’ Pitiful History of Opening Day Positions Players (since 1977)

Published on April 9th, 201522 comment

The Cubs lost to the Cardinals on opening night 3-0. I decided to research the worst opening day starters at each position for the Cubs…and put together a really awful 9 player contingent.

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Game 2 Notes – Jake Arrieta Owns the Cardinals

Published on April 9th, 201529 comment

After two days off, it feels good to be back to baseball. Oh wait, we have another day off today. I can’t stand the MLB schedule early in the season.

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2015 Cubs Minor League Preview

Published on April 8th, 201523 comment

The major league season has already begun, so here’s a look at who to watch at each level of the farm system along with a brief look at each opening series.

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Yesterday’s Cubs News – Wiener Edition

Published on April 7th, 201535 comment

Want a recipe for a grumpy writer? Take one part opening day loss and combine in with an immediate off-day. Then, add in wiener issues and a touch of illegal play and you’ve got yourself a crotchety writer.

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