Yesterday’s News: Cubs get trounced, trade market heating up

The Cubs may have produced a dud last night, but their chances to take the series against the Rockies today are good, and the trade market is heating up.


5 Things A Cub Fans Needs to Know for July 22

Published on July 22nd, 201558 comment

There are games that will stand out in your memory from a season or a decade or a lifetime. Last night we saw one of them as Kyle Schwarber put the team on his broad shoulders and carried them to a victory.

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5 Things Cubs Fans Need to Know for July 21st

Published on July 21st, 201527 comment

It was a disappointing start to a 4 game series against the Reds last night, but the Cubs have an easy slate of games coming up that provide a good opportunity to solidify playoff hopes.

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Looking Back at Week 13 of MLB

Published on July 20th, 2015no comments

Fans get a look at the new Home Run Derby, Kyle Schwarber returns to the big league club and trade deadline rumors are heating up.

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5 Things a Cub Fan Needs to Know for July 20

Published on July 20th, 201524 comment

Today’s things include two transactional moves as well as a look at the pitching matchups in Cincinnati as the Cubs take two of three from the Braves to come out of the break.

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5 Things A Cubs Fan Should Know For July 19th

Published on July 19th, 20154 comment

As you end your weekend, we get you going with the things you need to know, including Lester’s almost No-No, trade winds blowing and a multi-year contract signed by Kris Bryant.

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5 Things Cubs Fans Need to Know for July 18th

Published on July 18th, 201519 comment

The good news is that the second half of the season has started and Schwarber has returned. The bad news is that Montero is out for a long time, and Strop gave up a 2-2 tie last night.

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The Chicago Cubs All-Time Home Run Team

Published on July 17th, 201513 comment

I must admit I watched little of Tuesday’s All-Star Game.  I feel the game lost its zeal long ago…about the time inner league play began.  In my humble opinion, the […]

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Home Run Derby Recap

Published on July 14th, 201549 comment

This was easily one of the more exciting Home Run Derby events in a long time, and the consensus hope seems to be that this year’s format will be kept around.

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5 Things a Cubs Fan Needs to Know for July 12

Published on July 12th, 201530 comment

Another day and another loss. No offense and a less than desirable start from Jon Lester. We take a look at 5 things to know heading into the All Star Break

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