Cubs Offensive WAR Leaders

We started the blog in October 2003. That means this is season # 11 for the site. Today we look at the offensive WAR leaders cumulative for the Cubs since the inception of the site.


Are Platoons the Way For This Team?

Junior Lake came out and expressed his frustration with the fact that he’s in a platoon. Homeruns from him and Mike Olt have Cubs fans wondering if that is the right move.

Commenting On One of the Dumbest Ideas for MLB I’ve Ever Heard

After the suggestion by a MLB official that baseball should go to a 7th inning game, Chris Neitzel weighs in with his thoughts and other suggestions for MLB to consider.

Close Only Counts In Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Do you ever feel like you’re so close to something only to realize that you’re either still very far away or, despite how close you are, it doesn’t matter because it means nothing until you reach what you’re aiming at? Let’s talk about that.

Report from Opening Weekend at Wrigley

I was fortunate enough to be able to make it to Chicago this weekend for the 100th Opening Day at Wrigley. So, instead of diving in to a particular topic about the team, I thought I’d share my experience for those of you who couldn’t make it.

Bring on The Buccos

After a restful day off, the Cubs host the Pirates in a rematch of the opening series. Rob Willer has a look at today’s starting pitcher and we have a guest Pirate blogger tell us why the Pirates will win the series.

Episode 10 – Should Jose Veras Be Removed As Closer?

This week’s episode of the show, Joe and Sean covered a number of topics related to the opening week of baseball, including whether or not Jose Veras is the long term answer as closer.

Surprising Hot Streaks, Playoff Contenders Stumbling & More!

The MLB season has kicked off and little did we know we were going to be in for a variety of surprises. Some playoff teams have gotten off to unexpected starts, and some unheralded players have shocked the baseball world. Don’t miss out on anything that happened this week!

Six Things I Learned This Week About The Cubs

Week one is in the books and Joe Aiello would like to open his notebook and share with the class what he learned this week from watching the Cubs.

Emilio Bonifacio Is the Stuff of Legends

Katie Cernek makes her 2014 regular season debut with a look at the game Saturday as well as a brief discussion on Emilio Bonifacio.