An Easy Win

Published on August 18th, 201636 comment

I like games like last night. You can watch and kind of half way pay attention while you’re working on other things. For me, that meant working on actual work stuff while I watched the Cubs jump out to an early five run lead and never look back. The Brewers just aren’t really a good baseball team and the Cubs are really hot right now. It makes for a pretty easy series.

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Rizzo is my MVP

Published on August 17th, 201645 comment

Anthony Rizzo is the MVP. I know Kris Bryant is in the running and leads in WAR, but my MVP vote goes to Rizzo. Watch the highlight of the catch he made yesterday and you cannot come to any other conclusion.

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Pissin’ The Night Away…Now What?

Published on August 15th, 201687 comment

After a series split with the Cardinals, caused primarily by bullpen blowups, watch for the Cubs to make two moves before rosters expand on September 1st: One to reach out to Jonathan Papelbon, given the familiarity with Theo Epstein, and one to add a left-handed bench bat to counteract the Tommy La Stella standoff.

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Someone Buy That Homeplate Umpire a Drink

Published on August 12th, 201670 comment

A walk, on a bad call by the home plate umpire, sealed the win and the Cubs now own a 10 game winning streak and a 13 game lead in the NL Central.

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An Eight Game Streak, but the Cubs Have a Problem

Published on August 10th, 201664 comment

The Cubs continued their winning streak, bringing it to eight games, but before the action took place on the field, word of a problem off the field got out. We address that, the happenings on the farm and Tebow Time in today’s recap.

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