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Jim Cogdal

Jim Cogdal joined the writing staff of VFTB in December 2016. He spent his childhood pretending he was Vance Law (both wore huge glasses while they played baseball) in his backyard in Central Illinois, just around the corner from Utica, Ill. His love for the Cubs began with vague memories of Mitch Williams in 1989 and moved to a fixation with North Side third basemen, such as Steve Buechele, Luis Salazar, Kevin Orie, Gary Scott and Tyler Houston.

Jim, who works as a senior director managing college-level educational and alumni programming, is married with a 15-month-old daughter who only knows Cubs teams that make it to at least the NLCS. He began his career as a sports writer, covering Cubs Spring Training when Michael Barrett was his boy, and the 2008 World Series, where he developed an ardent love for cheese steaks.

For the record, every time he won the World Series for the Cubs as a kid didn’t compare to Game 7 against the Indians. Not even when Chico Walker hit the game-winning home runs.

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