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Who We Are

The View From the Bleachers was born on October 27th, 2003 in response to the Cubs magnificent 2003 season. The season was by far the most exciting and most painful season that founder Joe Aiello had endured as a Cub fan.

Since that day, we have tried to maintain a consistently updated site with quality reporting and commentary. At times that has been a tall order based on the performance of the team, but it’s one we’ve always tried to accomplish. We may say things that you don’t always agree with, but we’ll always listen to what you have to say. Just make sure to follow the site’s 10 commandments:

  • I. Thou Shall Not Use Profanity in bulk
  • II. Thou Shall Not personally attack other commenters
  • III. Thou Shall Not bait other commenters into a fight
  • IV. Thou Shall Not argue for the sake of arguing
  • V. Thou Shall Not discuss politics unless it can be done in a civil manner.
  • VI. Thou Shall Not use hyperbole when something less will suffice
  • VII. Thou Shall Not use sarcasm in a way that can be misinterpreted negatively
  • VIII. Thou Shall Not make the same point over and over again
  • IX. Thou Shall Not type “no-hitter” to describe any no-hitter in progress
  • X. Thou Shall Not be annoyed by the existence of this list for radio and podcast appearances and can be contacted to inquire about advertising and contributing to the site on a guest post basis.