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The Best Baseball Apps For Android Devices

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Baseball is one of the most cherished games in the world. It has just the right amount of physical exertion, excitement and camaraderie to keep anyone interested. Baseball lovers don’t always have the time or money to go to games, and players don’t always have a team. A good baseball Android app is always the next best thing to participating in person. The following are a few of the best Android apps for baseball. Fans can have them on their phones within minutes.

Best App for News: ESPN

The ESPN app is a free app that can put a baseball fan in direct connection with scores, trading news and other information. Baseball enthusiasts can also listen to podcasts on this application. Furthermore, app users can get access to the latest games live. It’s the perfect app for a baseball fanatic to have right by his or her side.

Best App for Stats: Gamechanger Baseball Scorekeeping

Gamechanger Baseball Scorekeeping is excellent for people who are just starting to watch scorekeeping. Not only is it free, but it also supplies the user with a systematic tutorial that shows the person how to keep score, manage a lineup and do other things. It can be a good tool for coaches, players and enthusiasts.

Best App for Fantasy Baseball

ESPN Fantasy Baseball is an excellent application for people who create their own teams and watch them prosper. Players can get a team, create a league or perform a mock draft.

Best App for Fun: Homerun Battle & Homerun Battle 3D

Players who just want to have fun can download one of the two Homerun Battle games. The free version is not a 3D game, and the player’s game is slightly limited once the score reaches 5,000. The 3D version is  $.99, and it provides the player with unlimited possibilities and a 3D experience. Both games allow the players to pit themselves against friends, family members and random players in a match of smashing homeruns. The players have the option of either playing for cash or just playing for fun. They do not have to become members to play, as they have the guest options. The game has a lot going for it in that it has reviewed an award for best app and a nomination for IMGA’s best game. consumers have rated both versions of the game with more than four stars.

Tap Sports Baseball 2016

Tap Sports Baseball 2016 is another fun game that focuses on the swing. Players can have hours of fun hitting balls out of the park and watching them fly. Players love the games because they are short, and they can play them anywhere they desire. The best part of it is that the player can create his or her team with the top major league players.

An interested person can choose from any of the above-mentioned games and download them today to enhance the baseball collection. Hundreds of apps are available, but the aforementioned applications are some of the best in the market.

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MLB teams to watch after the break

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

The annual Mid-Summer Classic has major league clubs on hiatus until Friday. The All-Star break is not only a window for players and managers to get some much-needed down time but also a perfect opportunity for clubs to plan ahead for the second half of the schedule.

Here are a couple clubs and their mlb baseball lines who pushed hard before the break and can continue to ride that momentum when action on the diamond picks up again this weekend:

Pittsburgh Pirates (53-35, +10.90 units)

The Pirates were left in the Cardinals’ dust earlier in the year but came on strong with a 10-2 record so far in July, including heading into the break on a massive win over St. Louis on Sunday Night Baseball. The Bucs offense was lacking for the first half of the schedule but the bats stepped up this month, scoring 17 total runs in the three wins over the Cardinals last week.

Pitching is Pittsburgh’s strength but the staff has some aging arms on the roster. Could age catch up with the likes of A.J. Burnett and Francisco Liriano after the break? Baseball bettors could get their answer with the Pirates opening a six-game road trip in Milwaukee and Kansas City after the break.

Oakland Athletics (41-50, -17.15 units)

The A’s have been one of the worst bets in baseball entering the break, thanks in large part to their hot-and-cold offense and a bullpen that has blown 12 saves and boasts an ugly 4.32 ERA. But we’ve seen this club make second-half pushes year after year. Oakland is 120-90 after the break over the last three seasons, even after going just 29-38 in 2014.

The A’s starting pitching has been solid so far, posting a collective 3.01 ERA – second lowest in the majors. All they need is some stability from the bullpen and a couple extra runs here and there to turn the page. Oakland actually has a plus-44 run differential – seventh best in the bigs – but still sits below .500. The Athletics started to show some life before the break, winning two in a row, and play 17 of their next 22 games at home after the break.

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Best MLB interleague bets

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Interleague action used to be a special time of the season when baseball bettors got a break from the norm. Now, the American and National Leagues are clashing on a weekly basis. If you’re doing some sportsbook online betting when the AL meets the NL, here are three teams that have dominated interleague play so far this season:

Kansas City Royals (5-2 vs. NL)

The reigning American League champs have rep’d the Junior Circuit when clashing with the NL this season – perhaps getting revenge for a loss to the Giants in last year’s World Series. The Royals have met the Reds, Cardinals and Cubs in interleague play so far, outscoring those NL foes 28-15. Kansas City is picking up where it left off against the NL last season, when the Royals finished 15-5 versus the National League. Following its current series with Minnesota, KC opens a seven-game interleague span at St. Louis and Milwaukee.

Houston Astros (4-1 vs. NL)

It would make sense that the Astros would do well against the Senior Circuit, having played in the National League before joining the AL West in 2013. Houston swept a three-game series in San Diego then split a two-game set with the Giants last month, outscoring those NL opponents 35-20 and going 4-1 Over/Under in those interleague tilts. The Astros have three home games with Colorado coming up next week then won’t see another NL team until Arizona in late July.

San Francisco Giants (4-1 vs. AL)

The Giants have proven they can handle the very best in the American League with three World Series wins in the past five seasons. If you’re doing some sportsbook online betting, you may have to pay a premium for San Francisco in these interleague matchups, having been priced as a favorite in each game of their three-game sweep of the Angels to start May. The Giants were, however, slight dogs splitting against Houston. San Francisco hasn’t always been great against the AL in the regular season, with a 16-24 record the past two years. Its next interleague action comes via a home-and-home four-game set with Seattle next week.

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MLB Surprise Money Starters

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

The MLB season is nearly a month old and already baseball bettors have been treated to some very profitable surprise starting pitchers.

Here’s a look at a sportsbook review of three of these money-making arms and whether they’ll continue to cash in as the baseball season goes on:

Nick Martinez, Texas Rangers:

The Rangers’ right hander has jumped to the top of the money standings with a 2-0 record and slim 0.35 ERA through four starts this season – all of which ended in wins for Texas as a plus-money underdog. But buyer
beware of Martinez’s stellar start to the year.

He’s climbed near 100 pitches in those four starts despite not going more than seven innings and has a strikeout-to-walk ratio of 1.38, well off the pace of the top pitchers in baseball. This second-year starter could wear
himself thin before the calendar gets to June at this pace.

Bartolo Colon, New York Mets:

The veteran hurler is proving he has plenty left in the tank with a strong debut to 2015. Colon is a perfect 4-0 with a 2.77 ERA through four starts, striking out a combined 23 batters and walking just one in that span. The
Mets were moneyline underdogs in his first two starts but the market has quickly corrected and betting New York with the right hander on the mound now comes at a price. Colon is usually a slow starter, which is why his strong April is puzzling.

The hefty hurler peaked around June and July last year and then again toward the end of the season. His heavy frame is made for those long hot days in August but as long as he keeps his pitch count down, he should
continue to surprise.

Archie Bradley, Arizona Diamondbacks:

Bradley entered the season with his top prospect mantle tarnished, battling back from injuries that took some velocity off his fastball and break off his curve. The 23-year-old righty has proven those doubters
wrong with a strong start to his rookie campaign.

Bradley is 2-0 (Arizona 3-0) with a 1.45 ERA through three starts. Those efforts have come against the Dodgers, Giants (on the road) and Rangers, so there’s still plenty to prove. However, the youngster did overcome some early control issues against Texas and battled back with a few double-play setups. The price is always going to be right for Arizona if Bradley continues this hot streak.

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GO: Songs of Shame

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Tell us the songs on your iPod you’re embarrassed to like. C’mon, we’ve all got some!

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