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Chet Chat, Vol. 1 – A Tale of Two Cubs

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The non-waiver trade deadline is approaching within the next few hours and there are still a lot of playable cards left in the Cubs deck.  Actually, I am writing this on trade deadline eve, so maybe by the time I wake up guys like Jeff Russell, David DeJesus, Kevin Gregg, Shark (yes, lazy, don’t want to spell it all out),  Nate Schierholtz, Ronnie Woo-Woo, and the white haired lady with the visor they always show during the seventh inning stretch will have already been cashed in for the prospect of future wins.

Deep down I even feel guys like Junior Lake are being shopped in a weird sort of way.  Call me crazy, but he doesn’t really fit the Epstein mold.  I don’t see him sticking around if a team liked what they saw and offered up a nice package.

This brings me to a trade that happened last week.  The Soriano trade reminds me of death.  No, not the death of our beloved ball club, nothing that extreme.  It is similar to how we say nice things about somebody after they pass on, we chose to recognize Alfonso for all the great things he did after he was traded and then almost, maybe I am stretching here, but we acted as though we would miss him.  I can’t remember an outpouring of affection like this for Soriano in all his years in Cubbie blue.

I will admit, I was saddened a bit.

I think of my Cub fandom in two chapters; the Sosa years and then the Soriano years.  I liked Sosa for the first few years of his chapter.  He provided a certain amount of excitement that was above and beyond the norm at a sporting event.  He was doing things otherworldly there for a while.  I feel he may have been doing them with a little help (wink, wink) but that was when the league was the wild west.  I am shocked we didn’t see a cyborg jump out of the dugout and take a few cuts for crying out loud.

Sosa’s chapter ended with a teammate smashing his boom box while he drove off the Wrigley player lot before fan appreciation day made it to the latter innings.   Also, we must not forget the bewildering and sometimes downright idiotic defense in right field,  the at times stupid baserunning, the corked bat, and the late and ever so grand “This is my house!” entrances at spring training.  Most everyone on the north side of Chicago felt it was time for Sammy to leave, he had worn out his welcome.

Soriano’s chapter ends with glowing articles written by most of Chicago’s press and bloggers alike.  Everybody seemed to speak of his professionalism and love for the game.  Teammates couldn’t stop gushing over his leadership and value to the young players.

I begin to wonder, if Soriano had half the contract and gave the same effort and results, would he have been more loved by fans during his time with the team?  Could he have been one of the most loved Cubs of all time?  If Bob Brenly were not so quick to judge Soriano on his effort and heart during live broadcasts, would some fans see him in a different light?

The question for me will always be, was Soriano unfairly judged due to the size of his contract?

I know I enjoyed the Sosa chapter more, but most of the joy was not because of Sosa’s towering homeruns, but more because of what the team accomplished.

Soriano’s chapter will always be a question of what could have been and what should have been.  I begged on more then one occasion, usually while watching a game in frustration, for the team to trade him.  Yet, for some odd reason, along with many other fans and writers, I inexplicably miss him.

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Chet’s Corner – The Stove Is Heating Up!

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

It’s Hot Stove season and everywhere you look baseball fans are over-analyzing their newly acquired piece and crying over their lost hero.  They check and re-check MLB Trade Rumors and the myriad of other rumor mills pumping falsehoods and selling fantasies.  They obsess over the amount of wins a player will be worth or when their newly acquired prospect will start paying dividends.  Yes, from the All-Star game going forward it is skin trade at it’s best.

I can’t remember ever thinking about the trade deadline until about 12 years ago.  The 80′s and the 90′s did not produce this drama, did it?  Then again, present media has a way of buffing a concept to a perfect shine and presenting it as a “thing” we must follow.  The only way to get up to the minute news back then was to listen to the radio.  Now my iPhone alerts me to rumors, not trades mind you, but rumors before they even become a rumor.  They are the fetus of a rumor.  They are a writer hypothesizing potential candidates and it turns into a rumor from there.

Oh, and by the way, don’t be fooled by misinformation, which is actually a tactical play by a GM or organization, coupled with downright lying of course.  We are kept at the edge of our seats as Negotiation Theater plays on in the back rooms.  Sometimes, I wonder if GM’s see the tweets and the articles and have a grand old laugh at the chaos they have caused.  I could just see a GM thumbing through his twitter feed now, “HaHaHa, Matt Garza for Mike Olt…wasn’t even a thought!”

Then I start to obsess….

I wonder if keeping Matt Garza in a Cubs uniform isn’t the right thing to do?  You know, sign him to a three or four year deal.  

Think about that rotation for a minute…Shark, Wood, Garza, Jackson and a PTBNL….hmmmm. It really isn’t that bad.  I still think it lacks a true stopper, a true ace if you will.

If there is one thing any team needs it’s starting pitching.  We don’t need to give it away.  Then again, he would have to agree to a four year deal.  Maybe he thinks he can get more? Maybe four years is even too many? 

Just thinking out loud here.  Now, I know, the prudent thing may be to trade him away for some young guns that could be core pieces for the future say 2-3 years from now.  But what if he was the leader 2-3 years from now?  I say this completely regretting the amount of time the Cubs hung on to Ryan Dempster, Carlos Zambrano and just about every other viable trade piece they possessed over the last 10 years that netted very little in the end.  I want to smack myself for even thinking it, but I can’t help it….I can’t quit you Matt Garza!

You see what happened there, I just waffled back a forth and still don’t know how I feel about the whole issue.  Keep him or trade him?  Crazy or sane?  My brain actually produced the above line of thought a few days ago while reading the latest “hypothesis” on the web.

Should be a fun two weeks.  I wonder who will be left in a Cub uniform when the blood is wiped from the trading block?

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Recapping the Random – 5 Burning Questions

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Yep, let’s do this!  Five burning questions in honor of Hot Stove season.

It’s that time of year where Team Epstein gets out its construction gear and rips apart the current house to build a better foundation for the future…and I am all for it.  I am long on this team, meaning I don’t expect any returns until 2015 at best.  I could care less if they lose 100 games per season for the next two years.  2015 or bust baby!!!!

Which leads to my first question and as always feel free to explain your answers :

1) It was recently reported that Jorge Soler will be out 4-6 weeks with a stress fracture in his left tibia.  This all but ends his 2013 campaign.  In considering this,  who will be the first player acquired, either through the draft, a trade or signed through international free agency, by the Epstein regime to make their Major League debut?


2) If Matt Garza is traded what do you think he will fetch…

a) A top 100 prospect

b) A top 50 Prospect

c) A top 20 prospect

d) Nobody in the top 100

3) In your opinion, are there any “untouchable” players on the Cubs current big league roster? If so, who?

4) Rank the following in order of impact/importance to the city of Chicago:

a) A Cubs World Series Birth

b) A Bears Super Bowl Victory

c) The White Sox moving out of state

d) The Hawks winning a Stanley Cup

e) The Bulls winning a championship

5) With Carlos Marmol officially off the roster, who will be the new favorite Cub to hate going forward?

That will do it for this weeks edition.  Please feel free to share your answers with us!

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Recapping The Random – 06/19/2013

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Imagine if football teams had closers.

Basically, imagine Jay Cutler went three quarters and the closing QB came in to seal the victory in the fourth.  What if the closing quarterback came in up two touchdowns and then proceeded to throw 3 interceptions and fumble the ball.  The other team capitalizes , scores on the turnovers, and the Bears go on to lose a game they had well in hand.  What kind of quote do you think you would get from Lance Briggs in the post game press conference?  You think any of Jay Cutlers jerk face expressions would be caught on camera throughout the course of the final quarter of agony?  

Now imagine it happens time and time again.  This is the 2013 Cubs and that fourth quarter closer…. the Cubs bullpen.  Marmol leads the charge in heartbreak but he isn’t the only one.  When Gregg or Russell are unavailable there is nobody to put in that is more or less effective.  The real problem starts at the levels south of the big league club.  There isn’t a pitcher available in AAA or AA that is ready to take the ball.  There is no stud fireballer.

The bullpen’s consistency bounces from Kevin Gregg to maybe Russell and back to Gregg again.  Everybody else has the potential to go Three Mile Island at any point in time.  You can’t just roll Gregg and Russell out every day, eventually their arms will turn to Swiss cheese.

Don’t point the finger at Dale Sveum.  Who’s he gonna put in? He can’t go pull Lee Smith out of the ivy…or can he?  Plus, everybody knows there is a secret directive from up top to pitch Marmol back into a passable form so he can be traded to the first sucker that needs relief help at the deadline.  If I am Theo or Jed then I am doing the same thing.  Relief pitching is at a premium.  For crying out loud, the Tigers were forced to go dig up Jose Valverde!  If there was a reliever available don’t you think they would have found him?

If Carlos can look effective for just one month, the Cubs could get a prospect back for him.  It won’t be great, but at least it will be something.  So the rest of this Cubs team and it’s fan base just need to suck it up and realize this is still experimental mode.  Maybe we should all just look at this as one long spring training…that lasts until 2014.





Tweet of the Week:



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Recapping the Random (Draft Edition) – 06/05/2013

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

As we all wait to see what Epstein and Co. has up their collective sleeves for the 2013 draft, I figured it would be a good idea to look back at previous Cub drafts.

The only problem? There are very few positives coming from the north side of Chicago where the history of the draft is concerned.  Sure, we have had our would be, might be, could be stars littering the rounds of every draft for years, but how many of these “prospects” have panned out?

Before I continue, I should preface everything by saying that a true star player in the making will not spend more than 4 years in the minors.  You say your team has a star in the making but he has been in the minor league system for 6 years?  Guess again.  He may be a fine ballplayer, but star he is not.  You get four years…that’s it.  Look back at history, any true star, and I am not talking occasional all-star or one time ballot topper here, I am talking Sandberg, Mantle, Ripken, Banks, Ryan…you get the picture.  That’s rookie ball and a year each at A, AA, AAA then it’s off to the majors.  Oh and bouncing back and forth does not count, you get four years to stick.  Yes, there are probably a few with a freak injury/illness or maybe some service time for our country that you can use to debunk my theory, but 99% get four years.

Now that we have that covered, back to the Cubs draft woes…..

Below is a list of Cub first round draft picks since 1992.  That covers 20 years and pretty much any player that could have any effect on the team in the last 5 years.


*The number on the far right represents the overall pick of the draft

2012 Albert Almora CF Mater Academy Charter, Hialeah, Fla. 6
2011 Javier Baez SS Arlington Country Day School 9
2010 Hayden Simpson RHP Southern Arkansas 16
2009 Brett Jackson OF California 31
2008 Andrew Cashner RHP Texas Christian 19
2007 Josh Vitters 3B Cypress (Calif.) HS 3
2006 Tyler Colvin OF Clemson 13
2005 Mark Pawelek LHP Springville HS (UT) 20
2003 Ryan Harvey OF Dunedin HS 6
2002 Bobby Brownlie RHP Rutgers 21
2001 Mark Prior RHP U. of Southern California 2
2000 Luis Montanez SS Miami, FL 3
1999 Ben Christiansen RHP Wichita State U. 26
1998 Corey Patterson OF Kennesaw, GA 3
1997 Jon Garland RHP Granada Hills, CA 10
1996 Todd Noel RHP Maurice, LA 17
1995 Kerry Wood RHP Grand Prairie, TX 4
1994 Jayson Peterson RHP Denver, CO 15
1993 Jon Ratliff RHP LeMoyne College 24
1993 Brooks Kieschnick OF-RH U of Texas 10
1992 Derek Wallace RHP Pepperdine U 11


So basically 20 years and we got Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, and Cashner (which turned into Rizzo) to show for it.  The extremely depressing years are 2002-2010, which explain exactly why Epstein has had nothing to work with.  You’ll notice the Cubs have selected in the top 10 half of those years.  For crying out loud, 2010 first rounder Hayden Simpson was let go during spring training and is now toiling with a Frontier league team!  The guy should be mid-way through his minor league progression at least.

Oh well, while there are no guarantees in the world of prospecting baseball players, the new regime seems to have a better handle on the concept….from the owner on down.


Draft News:


  • Here is a small but telling article regarding Hayden Simpson and how/why he was drafted in the first round.  Still shaking my head…..that damn Crane Kenney!
  • Each pick in the first 10 rounds of the draft now has a value assigned to it.  You can go under, but if you go over you will get penalized.  An Article explaining that is here.
  • Here is a reason why the Cubs may pass on some of the popular players like Appel, or Gray.
  • Read VFTB’s very own Holden Clark and his take on the Cubs potential picks beyond the first round.
  • Here is a blurb on the top pitchers in this years draft.
  • As Bleacher Report likes to do, here is another Top 10……this time it’s “who could be the Boom or Bust signings of the 2013 draft“….how about all of them?
  • This is a take on the top position players in the draft.
  • The potential top pick failed a drug test recently.


That should get you started.  Draft coverage on the MLB Network starts at 6:00pm EST on June 6th.




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Recapping the Random – 05/22/2013

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Slowly,  this Cubs team is starting to look like a project in motion, rather than a wreckage left by a past regime.

No, they won’t go anywhere this year and they may not next year, but sure enough they are starting to take a game here and there where they normally (for the past few seasons at least) would not.  They were moving right along at a decent clip before the Dark Knight of Gotham, Matt Harvey, came along and slowed their mojo.  By the way, lets talk about Matt Harvey for a minute, the guy is a stud! He is 5-0 on a team that is 17-25 and recovering from being madoffed.   He is 2-0 in the last three games he pitched with six runs of total support.  Yes stat-heads, I just used wins as a determining factor.  I’ll even break it down in simpler terms…the guy is winning games on a crap team.  When I see that, I just figure the rest of the statistical minutiae fall in line….don’t worry , I checked and it does.

Where was I, oh yah, the Cubs look to be entering the race finally.  A friend recently said they looked as though they are finally approaching the first quarter pole.  I say whoa!  Lets take a few steps back, how about they just saddled the horse?  (A salute to Mike Quade if you will?) At least it seems they know they are entered in a race.  It may be one that finishes sometime in 2017, but lets be thankful for the little things in these little times.

Meanwhile, the glaring issue of the bullpen rears it’s ugly head and throws away a nice start by Matt Garza.  Freakin’ bullpens, they are about as sexy as the offensive line in football, but damn it if they are not as important.  The funny thing is they are made up of guys who failed everywhere else on the diamond.  These guys seem to come from everywhere.  How often do you hear, “well, John was a shortstop when he was drafted but now he’s a long reliever.”  You don’t really start out as a reliever, you end up there, yet the importance is massively understated.  How many teams in baseball right now would be great if they only had a bullpen?

Anyhow, on with the news…..


  • The week started off with Don Mattingly’s job in jeopardy. Now it seems like all is well?  Look, I grew up on Don Mattingly.  His 1984 Topps rookie card was the first modern card to balloon to stratospheric values within the same year as its release.  It put baseball card collecting on the map.  However, when there is a lot of money on the line the first guy to go is the manager, even if it is the great Donnie Ballgame!  (side note – pretty sure his rookie card is worth less now than it was 25 years ago)
  • Ryan Vogelsong broke his hand swinging at an inside fastball.  DH in the NL anyone?
  • Miguel Cabrera hit three homers in one game and the Tigers still lost.
  • Baseball Prospectus did a piece on the 10 players in baseball history “they wish had stayed healthy”.  It’s worth a read, and yes, Mark Prior is number seven.
  • So, basically Theo told Ian Stewart that Vitters is the future at third base for the Cubs?  Should we call it the cold corner for a little while?


Tweet of the week:

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Recapping the Random – 05/08/2013

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

I watch a lot of “other” baseball.  “Other” meaning teams besides the Cubs.  It started years ago when I purchased the ridiculously expensive Extra Innings package on DirecTV.  I feel I have learned a little something venturing outside the broadcasts of our beloved Cubs.

Every team seems to have an identity and then key components built around said identity.  Overall, I feel there are four qualities that separate a winning baseball team from one that sits on middle ground or lower: defense , timely hitting, starting pitching and bullpen.  I used to think coaching mattered, and it does, but as Dusty Baker used to say, “gimme the horses and I will win.”  Well guess what Dusty, so will many others.

Coaching and the much talked about chemistry are great, but they don’t play the same importance in baseball that they do in other sports.  Winning teams, while displaying all four qualities, tend to lean on two or three of these as major strengths.  When I say they are strengths, I am saying they are dominant over most of the rest of the league in that category.  Remember, you have your opinion , I have mine.  Do share in the comments.

My question to Cub fans is this, of these four qualities, would you consider the Cubs to be strong in any of them?  Remember, lets say strong would be qualified as being in the top third of the league.  If so, please explain.



The News…or something like it.


NL East: 

  • Could this be the end of a great story , or just another bump in the road for Evan Gattis?  If you don’t know his story this is worth a read.
  • Juan Pierre Stole his 600th base.  What’s more interesting is a list of all the players ahead of him included in the link.  “The Rick” is still blowing everybody else away.

NL Central:

NL West:


Tweet of the Week:



Well, that will rap it up for now.  See you in two weeks and don’t forget to weigh in on the question from the intro!





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Recapping the Random – 04/24/13

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

A friend of mine likened the current iteration of the Cubs to a person going through a cleanse.  The steps vary depending on the seriousness of the cleanse.  First you purge the toxic or harmful entities.  You then go through treatment, and soon after, a recovery.  You need a recovery period from what I am told.  You don’t want to take down a cheeseburger with your first meal back in the saddle.  I feel as though the Cubs are somewhere between the treatment stage and recovery stage, and we are feeling the pain, agony, and discomfort of the process as fans.  The Cubs are a baseball version of the cleanse if you will, and most people who go through a cleanse are tortured by the process.   Some people will actually tell you they enjoy the process of a cleanse.  These are people I don’t trust.   However, when things get bad, sometimes you need to erase everything and start over no matter how unpleasant it may be.

Throughout this cleanse it has become hard to sit through games, torturous even.  Monday nights game against the Reds might have been the pinnacle.  If anybody told me I would be watching Kevin Gregg piggyback a Carlos Marmol effort again in my lifetime, I would have told them to keep smoking what they are smoking and eventually they will pass out.  I know there is a plan here, buried under the heap that is our bullpen, but Kevin Gregg?   When they signed him it was like a cruel trick.  I thought somebody hacked the Baseball Trade Rumors site.  The first thing I thought to do was check and see who projects as the number one draft pick in the 2014 Draft.  I was sure that’s what we were going for with these savvy moves.

Nonetheless, Marmol was shockingly good (over two innings!) and Gregg walked one but came out unscathed.  That’s three innings of pure magic right there.  Cap that off with a Valbuena 2 run dinger in the 13th and your set, right? right???


The pain and agony of the cleanse ticks on…..only a year or so left I guess.


AL Central

  • If you thought it was bad that the Cubs picked up Kevin Gregg, ask Tigers fans what they are thinking about Jose Valverde’s return to the D.
  • The Marlins and Twins were snowed out.  Jose Fernandez has never seen snow….until now.  Nothing like a mid-April Blizzard to warm the cockles.

AL East


AL West

  • Remember the ball Josh Hamilton dropped to give the A’s the AL West last year? Just sold for $1280…..this could be the signal that tips the economy.


We’ll do the NL next time, but in its place…..


Tweet of the week….

Here is a tweet I never thought I would see the likes of again…..

I will say this, how many games has Marmol won through suckage?  I think he leads the league right now in blown save wins, which should be a SABR stat of some sort.



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Recapping the Random – 04/10/2012

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

*Editors note – I wrote all of this before the 7th inning of last nights game.  Just because the Cubs came back it does not change anything….they are still a poorly constructed team that is painful to watch.

Did you really think the Cubs were going to be good this year?

Your first tip should have been the lat strain suffered by Matt Garza when he took the diamond the first day of spring training.  He might as well have done it tying his shoes on day one.  That was your first hint this year would be no different than any other in the last century plus. Yes, I know it may not have been the first day but that’s semantics, it seemed like the first day.  The latest news is we will see him some time in mid-May.  My bet is on June.

The second sign might have been Brent Lillibridge.  As of this writing he is 0-17 with seven K’s.  Guess we shouldn’t expect much from a career .208 hitter, plus that offensive juggernaut Darwin Barney will return to reclaim his rightful position at second base any day now.   That ought to help put runs on the board.

Then there’s Marmol.  You knew I would get to him eventually.  I can’t figure out whether he lost his confidence and everything he tries backfires, or did teams put together enough advance scouting to finally say, “why are we swinging at this guy?”  Think about it, even when he was good, throwing strikes wasn’t his forte, was it? I can’t remember, it was so long ago that he was effective.  I would have to clear out a whole new wing of cobwebs to find those memories.  It is a sad state of affairs when your closer gets booed during opening day introductions.

Oh yes, there are some positives, but the story line so far has been the lack of offense.  The Cubs rate second to last in almost every category (the lowly Pirates are keeping the basement warm.)

At any rate, there is no offense and the pitching is mediocre at best…..looks like 2012 all over again.

So what else has been happening in baseball?  Let’s Look…..

  • First of all, I can’t say this with enough glee, but Tim McCarver is retiring at seasons end.  The stomach churning tandem of the Tim and Joe show on Saturday Fox Baseball will come to an end.  Sometimes I can actually feel them rooting on the Cardinals while doing a Cubs/ Cards broadcast.  Now, if we could just get Joe Morgan to go away…..
  • Small sample size, but Bryce Harper is showing everybody that there is no sophomore slump to worry about.  He hit a home run in each of his first two at bats on opening day and is currently hitting .360
  • While getting shellacked in his second start against the Rangers, Jared Weaver broke his left elbow.  He will be out at least one month.
  • I saved this link and could not wait to share it.  Not a fan of the guy, but sometimes when I need a laugh I check out Jose Canseco’s twitter feed.  The above link is his list of New Years resolutions or whatever…
  • On the topic of Twitter and being entertained…..give @realcj10 a follow.  That would be Larry “Chipper” Jones.  The diarrhea flows and never seems to stop.  Here are a few samples…..

Chipper Jones@RealCJ103 Apr

I got cursed at and called names by a ton of people growing up. Were they fired? Nope! Do I care? Nope! What’s the big deal? Toughen up!

Chipper Jones@RealCJ103 Apr

Yeah, been hit w/ bball equipment on purpose, been dragged around a football field by my facemask and ran suicides til I puked! I ain’t mad.

These tweets were, of course, in reference to the Mike Rice firing at Rutgers.  For those not in the know that care, read here.

To read more about Chipper and his misadventures go here.  I swear there is something about adultery with a Hooters waitress in there.

I like tweets, especially from meat head athletes like Chipper.  I’ll have more in two weeks. Until then…. 


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