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August 14, 2014

Random Thoughts from an August Day Game

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So, I missed my post time earlier today and the craziness of college athletics preseason has already turned me into Robin Williams’ (RIP) character from the horribly directed 90’s children cult classic Flubber—a forgetful buffoon.

In hopes of restoring the trust between writer and reader, I bring to you a few random thoughts from a meaningless August game.

  • Those two weirdly placed home-and-home series with the Rockies has helped get the Cubs out to a six-game lead in the race for being the worst team in the National League. The battle between the Rockies and Rangers to be the worst team in the league will be fierce over the next month. Barring epic collapses, neither preseason favorite (Astros and Cubs) will be blessed with the title of MLB’s worst at the end of 2014.
  • Leave it up to Edwin Jackson to be the guy who breaks a streak of seven straight games with a quality start. I’m still unsure if I’m surprised that Jackson hasn’t been DFA’d yet, but in a season that has been over since the first week of April, it makes sense just to let him try for the occasional win. I wasn’t completely opposed to the Jackson signing at first, but we can strike it up to Theo’s only really poor move thus far in his three-year tenure. Jackson didn’t last five full innings…..again, but his poor performance made room for my next point.
  • Jacob Turner made his Cubs debut, pitching 2.1 innings of no-hit ball out of the ‘pen. Turner was sharp and his velocity on his fastball continues to stay around the 93 mph mark. A week later, it still amazes me how clueless both the Marlins and Rockies were regarding Turner, especially with the quality of players given in return for controlling the 23-year-old for a few more years. Turner relied on the two-seam fastball a lot—17 times—14 of which went for strikes and three were whiffs. The two-seamer topped out at 94 on the gun, which is good news for the Cubs depending on how they use him the rest of the season. I said on twitter last week this deal could be one of the most important Theo makes when the “rebuilding effort” is all said and done. It’s a strong statement, but Turner has that type of talent.
  • Meanwhile the Cubs’ hitters made Brewers Mike Fiers look like a Cy Young candidate. Fiers has been very good in three starts this year, but 14 strikeouts in six innings of work is awesomely depressing to watch. To put it in perspective, Fiers had 15 TOTAL strikeouts in 22 innings of work last season for the Brew Crew. 15. Javier Baez must have lost a bet to Fiers before the game because he was swinging at the high cheese with enthusiasm and grandeur all afternoon. He finished with the infamous Golden Sombrero. Anthony Rizzo seemed to be the only guy who could put the fear in Fiers, going 2-for-3 with a double against him.

Other News

  • Rob Manfred was elected as the next Commish of baseball with a 30-0 election. Good thing baseball voters aren’t involved. That would get complicated. I am also pleased Tom Werner was not elected, because I can only take so much of this.
  • When did MLB Singles by become a thing? When did baseball dating become a thing? Are there happy endings between Cubs and Cards fans who meet through this weird baseball dating site? The internet, where baseball and farmer dating happens.
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  • Doc Raker

    The Brewers broadcasters were pretty impressed with the Cubs young prospects coming up. They spoke highly of what Thed has been doing and expect the young Cubs to be good in 2015 and beyond. Bob Eucker hit 3 home runs off the Cubs, all at Wrigley Field in 1966. Eucker was worried the home run he hit off of Fergie Jenkins might off kept Fergie out of the hall but Fergie made it in anyways.

    I think the Cubs are getting better with every call up and trade and it has been a ing time since the Cubs finished a season stronger than they started.

    Len Kasper was intrigued by The Pumpkin Eaters new release “Banana Jack”. He said he couldn’t wait to see them live in October. DeShaie’s was busy breaking down the quality starts delivered by Kyle Hendricks and that Wada guy. Len thought Wada was a hip hop artist.

  • cap’n realist

    I agree that it’s been a long time since the Cubs finished strong. Len’s yellow tie today was perfectly matched with that oxford shirt with British spread collar. I might fly in for that Pumpkin Eaters show that is, coincidentally, perfectly timed with the Halloween season.

    Eucker’s 4th home run came 29 years later, in a Miller Lite Beer commercial. He’s been riding that longer than Raker’s been riding hero sandwich jokes

    I’m glad the Brewer geniuses are happy with Thed. They’ve been competing for World Series’ a boatload lately…

  • Doug S.

    Busy as hell at work and didn’t catch up to the game until I it was 0-5 and then I saw Jackson on the hill. He seems like he can be effective at times, but not consistently and typically resides on the other side of effective. It can be maddening, given his cherry salary. If this guy was a 4-5 (which he is) making 4-5 $$, then it probably wouldn’t bother me as much.

  • Dork

    Weird how all of the rallies started yesterday when there were already 2 outs. Bad luck, letting down a bit? Yesterday was a bad game to listen to, but some how the losses don’t quite seem as bad anymore to me.

  • Doc Raker

    Why do you even watch the Cubs broadcast? Unless the Cubs are playing the Rockies you get so much more useful baseball information from the opposing broadcast.

  • Doc Raker

    Funny how bad luck follows bad pitches. It’s that BABIP again, just need to have better luck and Jackson is much improved.

  • Mark_from_Toronto

    Had the same misfortune of only checking the score yesterday after the Cubs were down 5-0. Then again when I looked at the probable pitchers earlier yesterday morning I wasn’t expecting anything good to happen when I saw Jackson was pitching.

  • jswanson

    I’ll always have a spot for Jackson in my Cubs history books, but unfortunately a good thing can’t last forever.

    Goodbye, Brett.

  • Mark_from_Toronto

    Now if only the Cubs could find someone to take the other Jackson off our hands.

  • Doug S.

    2 Johnsons are missing, maybe it’ll be 2 Jacksons next.

  • Doc Raker

    The Cubs seem to be striking out at a very brisk pace since the Baez call up. I hope this is not his influence on the team, free swinging hard hacks without a plan at the plate, I can’t take another KKKorey Patterson high K line up.

    As Met’s broadcaster said, “The Cubs have always lived and died, mostly died, with free swinging teams. Sure there have been exceptions like Mark Grace and Bill Buckner but this free swinging team are easy outs for guys with good sink or good sliders like Familia (the Mets reliever at the time).

    Len was heard commenting on the Beatles show at Shea Stadium back in the day and how he wished he could have been there. “Maybe the Beatle tribute band Fab Four will play at Citi Field soon, that would be fun. Strike 3, that’s 14 K’s for Met’s pitchers today. It’s really hard to tell the difference between the Fab Four and the real Beatles sometimes”

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