I’ve seen a lot of fans that are in panic mode, saying we’ll never win again, and that this management has no idea what it’s doing. They are riding the fact that we haven’t won a game since the big trade and that it was all a horrible mistake. To that I say: you’re a moron. Let’s get on with the five things you need to know to start your Cubs fan day.

1. The Cubs lost again to the Reds last night – It brings the losing streak to six games now, and like I mentioned, no wins since the trade. Dallas Beeler got start number two of his ML career, and I would describe it as mediocre. Then again, it’s important to know what Beeler brings to the table. He’s not a guy who is going to overpower you with his stuff. In his minor league career, he has averaged 5.8 strikeouts per 9 innings of work. He’s not that kind of pitcher. Even last night you saw him hovering in the upper 80’s and low 90’s so it’s important to know what we’re getting in a guy like him. We’re looking for serviceable back end of the rotation production, which if you read my piece yesterday, is hard to get. Generally 5th starters do not produce much value. Beeler wasn’t horrible last night and given the fact that our pen is generally regarded as above average, I think you can win with a guy like him in the 5th slot.

The biggest frustration about this series has been the lack of production when it comes to getting runners in. It wasn’t as much of a story this game, but overall so far this series, I feel like we’re wasting our chances and the Reds are taking advantage of just about every one of theirs. It’s been the difference.

2. I hate manager ejections – If you missed it, Ricky Renteria came out to argue a foul ball that was not reviewable about midway through the game and promptly got tossed by the third base umpire. That wasn’t enough and he proceeded to continue to follow the ump to try to get more in, despite the fact that the umpire continued to try to end the confrontation and walk away. Tell me I’m wrong if you will, but I cannot stand it when managers come out and argue to the point of getting tossed. There simply is no place for it and it’s classless. An umpire is not going to toss you unless you’re being disrespectful, generally, which means when there are guys getting tossed (Renteria five times this season), it’s because they crossed that boundary. I don’t like that. MLB has replay. If a call isn’t reviewable, you have no business being on the field unless you’re making a substitution…period. I don’t buy into this garbage that it fires up the team. If my players can’t self motivate, I don’t know that I want them on my team. I want players who are driven to succeed and don’t need me as the manager to act a fool to get them to produce.

3. Jason McLeod got paid – There were rumors about two weeks ago that McLeod was in the running as a candidate to go back to his former team, San Diego, to become their next general manager. McLeod plays a vital role for this team in the Theo / Jed regime so it’s good news to not only know he’s not going to leave to be a GM…yet…but that he’ll get rewarded with some money for staying.

4. Wrigley Renovation process continues…on paper – Is anyone else frustrated with this process? I don’t even like reporting on it. The guys in the Tribune had a nice update on the process yesterday:

With tweaks made at the request of the mayor, the Cubs are ready to present their latest plan to the landmarks panel. Emanuel also required the Cubs to continue negotiating with the rooftop owners as a condition of getting a hearing with the landmarks commission, a City Hall source said.

Another source said the Cubs’ proposal with five additional outfield signs is expected to be approved by the panel, with conditions placed on it.

5. Minor MattersAlbert Almora is on fire. I’ll be honest, I had begun to wonder and worry about his future as a top prospect, but he’s been playing tremendously lately. He went 2-for-3 last night and has his average up to .279. The Daytona Cubs tweeted out after his first hit that he had hit in 16 of the last 17 game and hit almost .500 over that time. I really hope he’s primed for a big second half so he can vault back into elite status because I think some people have soured slightly on him.

We try to end the losing streak behind a Major League debut from Kyle Hendricks today in a matinee game on WGN. I’m a big fan of Hendricks so I look for a quality start from him. We also have the latest edition of Girlieview later this afternoon and a post from Chris Neitzel on why there is no such thing as a shortstop logjam with a look at history.

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