After a couple of the weeks out of this month featured some big names passing on, we get to open up this week’s article with some great news regarding a retired pitching legend.

Schilling Receives Good News

Let the 5-year clock for Curt Schilling begin, as he announced on Twitter this week that he is now in remission from the cancer that he was diagnosed with earlier this year.

He has not indicated what form of cancer that he was diagnosed with, but the fact that he has made this step is huge news for him, his family and the world of baseball. This has been another obstacle that has been thrown Schilling’s way since his retirement from baseball, but he’s been able to overcome each and every one of them.

First, it was a heart attack that he suffered in 2011 while his wife Shonda (also a cancer survivor) was running the New York City Marathon. Then, it was a failed investment in a video game studio that cost him a reported $50 million.

If there’s one thing that can be said about Curt Schilling that applies to both his on-field and off-field career, it’s that he’s a fighter. From the “Bloody Sock Game” to beating cancer, Schilling is one tough human being. What’s your favorite Schilling highlight from his career?

Lincecum Displays Dominant Ways

It’s been a rough couple of seasons for Tim Lincecum, who was once referred to among the best arms in all of baseball. He’s fallen off the table quite a bit due to a drop in velocity, but every once in awhile he reminds us of the pitcher that he once was.

Such was the case for him against the San Diego Padres last week, as he no-hit them for the second time in less than a year. While this performance didn’t quite have the flash of his 13-strikeout performance in the first one, he accomplished it in much fewer pitches.

It took Lincecum just 113 to complete this one, as opposed to an astounding 148 in the first. Some may try to discredit this feat just because they both occurred against the weak-hitting Padres, but a no-hitter is impressive no matter which way you cut it.

It’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever see sustained dominance from Lincecum ever again, but it’s clear that he can be lights out every once in awhile. With his impending free agency, would you offer him a contract if you were running a team? If so, what type of contract would you offer him?

Cleveland Indians Face Large Lawsuit

With all of the legal action that has been surrounding the NFL’s Washington Redskins, it was only a matter of time before this drama trickled its way into Major League Baseball.

Unsurprisingly, the first target has been the Cleveland Indians and their mascot, Chief Wahoo. While you won’t find many that will say their mascot is inoffensive, the $9 billion lawsuit that is going to be heaved their way is a bit excessive, to say the least.

In recent years, the Indians have been proactive in phasing that part of their identity out and have moved almost primarily to the Block-C logo is present on their hats. They’ve done this somewhat quietly, however, so it’s almost gone unnoticed by the general public.

I can definitely understand being offended by the Chief Wahoo logo, but trying to sue the team for $9 billion is absolutely egregious in my mind. I know that that figure isn’t even realistic to them (it’s just there to draw attention to the issue), but I feel like there’s plenty of other ways to go about this. What are your thoughts on the mascot/name changing issue?

This Week’s MVP: Ian Kinsler (.519/567/.852, 2 HR, 8 RBI)

This Week’s Cy Young: Tim Lincecum (1-0, 0.00 ERA, 6 K, No-Hitter)

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