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Last night was draft night, and with the Cubs picking 4th, I wonder how many were watching the draft compared to the game. It doesn’t have as much excitement around it with the public like the NFL and NBA versions, but the MLB draft is beginning to develop a cult following. I had it on the DVR and then saw who the Cubs picked via e-mail blast, so I didn’t watch it. Let’s get right to the highlights from last night.

Fresh after I called for him to split time with Darwin Barney, Emilio Bonifacio found himself on the bench. Barney took advantage with a 2-for-4 day that included three runs score out of the 7th spot in the lineup. If we could get anywhere even close to that production from the lower part of the order on a semi-consistent basis it would do wonders for this team’s offensive struggles. Couple Barney’s night with the home run hit by Travis Wood and you’ve got the makings of some nice production from that part of the lineup.

Unfortunately, the starting pitching hasn’t been able to work deep into games lately as all three starters in the series failed to work more than five innings. Our pen has been a strength, but you have to get deeper outings from the starters, especially someone like Wood who you’re counting on to work deeper as a front of the rotation guy.


  • Anthony Rizzo hit his 11th home run of the season. Mike Olt needs to step up and get caught up.
  • With the win last night, Justin Grimm now has two and Jeff Samardzija still only has one. Gotta love the win stat.
  • Don Zimmer was honored with a moment of silence before the game
  • The Cubs selected Indiana C-OF Kyle Schwarber with the fourth pick in the draft. I am not even going to try to BS you with any analysis about it. All I’ve seen is that he’s got great power from the left side, which is always nice.


Since it’s Friday, I thought we could end on a little fun. I had a request to bring this question back into circulation so why not.

Q. If you could have an unlimited supply of only five condiments for the rest of your life and they would be dispensed from your four fingers and your thumb, what would they be and would there be any significance in what fingers got which? You would never be able to have any other condiments in your life other than your finger condiments.

For me, there would be no finger significance, but my five would be.

  1. Ketchup – I know it’s boring, but I use it on quite a few things and would miss it terribly.
  2. Chili’s Honey Mustard – I was going to go with Yellow mustard, but this is better and is still quite versatile.
  3. Honey – This is a very underrated condiment, in my opinion. It’s great with peanut butter on a sandwich. It’s great with chicken. Gotta have it.
  4. Tzatziki Sauce – If you’ve never had it, you gotta try it. It’s a Greek sauce made from yogurt and cucumber. It’s amazing.
  5. A1 Sauce – I wrestled with this one a lot. I love it on a burger and, as much as it makes me feel like a tool, I can’t eat steak without it.
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