MVP – Brian Schlitter (.255 WPA)

I wasn’t able to see this game because I went to the gym and then came home to watch the Blackhawks game, so I had to watched the condensed game on, which is a really great way to consume the product in a short period of time. Just a couple notes before we get to the game. 1) It’s not OK to use the massage chair shirtless. I don’t know why someone would think that it is, but it’s not, especially after you’ve worked up a nasty sweat. 2) To make sure I was behind on the DVR for the Hawks game, I watched the season finale of the Goldbergs on ABC. If you never watched this show this year, you missed out. It’s become my favorite show on TV. Now, on to the game.

  • The Cubs lost the game on a bases loaded hit by pitch in extra innings. That’s a tough way to lose. I haven’t seen anything as to how often that’s happened, but I’d like to know.
  • Jake Arrieta made start number three since returning from the DL and, while he looked nasty at times (five K’s), he looked shaky at times as well and needs to work a little at the control. I love watching a strike out pitcher work and pile up K’s, but I also love seeing my starter pitch into the 7th and 8th inning and that can’t happen the way he pitches right now. If you’re going to be a strikeout pitcher, you’ve got to have pinpoint control so as to not waste pitches with walks and deep counts. I think Jake can become that, he’s just not there right now.
  • Luis Valbuena had a nice game at the plate. I don’t see him as an ideal # 2 hitter in the lineup, but he did a great job there on Tuesday and got a big home run.
  • I’ve started to come up with a hypothesis as to why the Cubs continue to go with 8 bullpen arms. At first, I thought it was temporary. When it stuck, I thought it was because Arrieta was coming up for his first start. Now that he’s pitched three times and we’re still carrying them, I feel like the only reasonable explanation is that 8 pitchers are, essentially, bullpen training wheels for Rick Renteria. What else can it be?
  • Really good matchup tonight between Jason Hammel and Michael Wacha.
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