Before we start on the notes, I’d like to get your feedback in the comment section if you’d be so kind. I’d like to know if you prefer us looking at each individual game and posting notes on them, or if you prefer posts that are about the overall team and commentary as a whole on the team. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which one I like better. It matters which one you like. Please take a second to comment on it.

  • Prior to the game, Pedro Strop was placed on the 15 day DL with a groin injury and the Cubs called up a position player. No, that would make too much sense. Instead they kept the eight man pitching staff and recalled Zac Rosscup. Gotta have someone to bury in the bullpen and not throw but every eight days or so. This would have been the perfect time to call up Josh Vitters, who has been mashing the ball in AAA and put him in the DH spot and in the OF. Instead, we get to see stupid Ryan Kalish. Good grief. Thank goodness for OOTP Baseball so I can just make this choices myself.
  • I had a minor debate on Twitter that is going to turn into a more full blown post about how the guy was frustrated that the Cubs aren’t spending money. For those of you who hold the opinion that the Cubs are not doing the right thing in this rebuild, please take a minute and e-mail your thoughts. I’d like to potentially use them in the post.
  • Since I missed games one and two in this four game home / home set, this was the first time I was able to see Jose Abreu. That dude is really good. I don’t know what else to say. He’s really good.
  • For those of you who watched the game, what did you think about Rick Sutcliffe cheering for Junior Lake to make an out so he could eat the hot dog that was brought up to the booth. I thought it was a bush league thing to say, and I normally like Sutcliffe.
  • Travis Wood didn’t look awful until he did his best Tyler Colvin impression and tried to get impaled by a bat. If you missed it, here is the highlight. He walked the next batter he faced and didn’t look sharp the rest of the game. It’s funny, people before the game were actually clamoring that Wood should actually hit for himself and that Renteria should just decline the option to use the DH. That got me curious on if the DH could be used for another position. It can’t. It’s pitcher or no one.
  • I’m beginning to feel like my apprehension about jumping on the Emilio Bonifacio bandwagon, one that I felt wasn’t built all that sturdy, was warranted. He’s quietly coming back down to earth and I fear it will continue to happen. I know he had a double, but look at his numbers recently.
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