This morning I had an issue in the shower that made me wonder if I was the only person who experiences this. Usually I wash my body first and then wash my hair. Today, I washed my hair first and then my body. However, when I finished washing my body, I had a moment of panic as I couldn’t distinctly remember whether or not I had actually washed my hair. Because I did things out of order, I really didn’t feel good about if I washed my hair. At that point I was faced with a major dilemma. Do I trust that I washed my hair and get out, risking that I didn’t wash? Or, do I wash my hair again and waste time and soap? Am I the only on who has had this issue? Seriously, tell me I’m not. On to the news.

Interesting ownership nuggets were in the news today with two separate stories. First, Tom Ricketts was quoted as saying that the Cubs are comfortable taking legal action should the rooftop owners bring a lawsuit against them for blocking their view. It’s clear that this thing appears headed to court and appears headed for a dramatic showdown. Ultimately, I don’t see how the rooftop owners win. They can’t afford the legal expenses and will probably end things accepting a buyout of some kind. It’s just a little discouraging that it may have to come down to the two sides parting ways in a less than amicable way.

Also in the news is the note that the Ricketts family are considering selling minority shares in the ownership of the team in order to finance the renovation project. This one confuses me a little. They seem to have the money to eat the cost once the scoreboard is up and running the ads, so why sell equity in the team?

  • I have to admit, I didn’t expect much from Jason Hammel, but he looked really strong today. Overall, the pitching has been really really good. It makes me feel good that I actually look to have predicted something correct. There is an overall perception that Hammel is this year’s Scott Feldman, and that he’ll be gone by the trade deadline if he shows enough to make himself appealing. I’m OK with that, but if we’re going to do it, I want to do it like we did last year and move him late May or early June when the market is thin.
  • Pedro Strop got the save in the game, though my guess is that was a product of the fact that Jose Veras pitched way too much last night to be available. He did a great job after allowing a leadoff single to Neal Walker. The only issue was a collision between him and John Baker that could have turned really bad. I will continue to say it until we see it. Strop needs to be the closer.
  • Junior Lake wore the wrong uniform for the first inning.

It’s nice to get a win to avoid the sweep and go into Friday with a little momentum after two heartbreaking losses.

Opening day at Wrigley field, which means all the pomp and circumstance associated with Monday gets repeated, this time in the brutal cold. It appears that the rain will hold off enough to get the game in without delay, but it is certainly not where I’d want to be watching the game. As for me, I’ll be watching in my pajamas on Friday night on the DVR.

Get To Know Your Opposing Starting Pitcher
Roberto Hernandez

He was a regular part of the Cleveland Indians’ starting rotation for six years under the name of Fausto Carmona, which he had used to obtain a visa to pitch in the United States. After his true name and age were revealed (he had claimed to be three years younger than he is), he missed much of the 2012 season due to lack of a valid visa, followed by a suspension from MLB for identity fraud. He returned as a regular starting pitcher with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2013.

He is known for his hard sinker and exhibiting good control of his pitches. He did not throw exceptionally hard when he debuted in the minor leagues at age 21, but has since developed a fastball that can reach 97 mph. He also throws a slider and a changeup, but relies mostly on his hard sinker to get many ground ball outs. ~ Wikipedia

The Phillies signed Hernandez with the hopes he can enjoy more success leaving the American League for the more pitcher-friendly National League. Results were mixed in Spring Training, but the Phillies hope he can just be consistent. ~

Why the Phillies Will Win the Series

“The Phillies have the clear starting pitching advantage in the last two games of the series with Cliff Lee and A.J. Burnett opposing Jeff Samardzija and Carlos Villanueva. The wild card is the first game, with Roberto Hernandez opposing Travis Wood. Winning the first game should guarantee at least 2 of 3 for the Phillies.” ~ Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley

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