If you follow the Cubs even a little, you probably saw all the tweets yesterday about the batting practice session of Javier Baez. If not, let’s just say that he did some damage:

It, no doubt, has Cubs fans excited about the future. The talent is there for him to be an impact offensive player with MVP potential at the plate. But what about the glove? And what will happen should Starlin Castro turn things around this year? The obvious choice would be to shift one of the two to second base and leave one at shortstop, but what does that do to our defense?

In 2013, both players played shortstop exclusively. Castro committed 22 errors (a career low), and Baez committed 44. That’s almost 70 errors between the two of them. Can we afford that type of defensive production in the center of the diamond where a team is supposed to be the strongest.

There are those who love MLB betting and will consult sites like live betting at williamhill to get their odds. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the Cubs aren’t projected to win a lot of games this year (unless you speak with Tom Ricketts), but that they are close and could even be competitive in 2015. Can that happen with such poor defense up the middle? Just to give you an idea, the World Champion Red Sox last year had Dustin Pedroia and Stephen Drew up the middle. They combined for a total of 13 errors all season. That’s almost half of Castro alone.

I’m concerned about the defense. I love the bats, but I’m nervous about the gloves. I have actually begun to wonder if the long term plan needs to involve dealing one of the two in an effort to balance the system a little and acquire much needed pitching help, particularly in the starting rotation. It’s clear from the recent evaluations of the farm system that the system is top heavy on hitting and lacks the arms. Perhaps a move to deal one of the two will solve that issue.


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