Sorry it’s been a little dead here over the last few weeks. I blame the month of January. In the 10 years of VFTB history, it’s the month that is hardest to come up with something to say. The team is usually, for the most part, put together yet spring training is over a month away so news is so sparse. As I sat down to write this today, I really struggled to find things to comment on.

John Sickels Released his Top 20 Cubs Prospect List (Source) – The lists are a bit of a way for him to pump up his prospect book, which if you haven’t bought one in the past, is a decent production. Personally, I tend to lean toward Baseball America’s book since it’s cheaper and compiled by a lot more people, but it is what it is. A quick look at the list and you’ll be reminded just how little depth we have close to the Majors when it comes to the rotation. It accents just why the Cubs are interested in Tanaka. Only CJ Edwards and Pierce Johnson make the top 10 and Edwards is still probably at least two to three full seasons away from being considered for a call up. An interesting note is that Brett Jackson, the former future in CF has fallen completely out of the top 20.

Baseball America Addresses the Lack of Depth at Catcher (Source) – This one is subscription required, but I’ll give you the gist. Cubs drafted Charlie Cutler from the Pirates in the AAA phase of the recent Rule 5 draft. They addressed a lack of depth that caused them to alter the 40 man roster last year late when Dioner Navarro went down. There are still only two catchers on the 40 man and I continue to feel like it’s a position that needs to be addressed. Also noted in the article was a nugget that Junior Lake was shut down from winter ball to rest and prepare for the season.

Dumb Ideas Galore at Bleed Cubbie Blue (Source) – I’m not sure when the blog brought on someone named Danny Rockett, but the first article I read from him reminds me why I don’t read that blog. He wrote a piece suggesting five ways the Cubs can “turn themselves into the richest franchise in baseball”. I don’t know what to say other than the fact that each of the ideas is completely moronic. If you’re going to write garbage like that, at least say you’re kidding and just having fun.

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