This is a post for Cubs fans.

Fans of a team that, at the moment, are seemingly spinning their wheels in the proverbial mud.  Fans of a team that with each new signing, trade, and scrap of news loose a little bit of hope.  Fans of a team that simply are exhausted.

Where do you fall in? Optimistic? Pessimistic? Confused by the big words (This isn’t a White Sox blog!)?

Everyday I turn on my computer and iphone hoping for a glimmer of life.  A team that is in desperate need of outfielders, pitching, bullpen help, and quality bench players.  That is a lot of needs right?  Not really.  A lot of teams need a lot of things.  They also make desperation plays like trading Doug Fister for a mediocre prospect and some bullpen help.  Do you want to be that team?  Or do you want to be the team that is okay with sending a stud prospect like Taijuan Walker to the Rays for David Price, arm issues and all?  (Hasn’t happened but is rumored)

My biggest issue when waking up and looking at the Cubs news it the pessimism.  Everyone realizes that you aren’t bound by any contractual relationship to be a Cubs fan?  Now this isn’t a holier than though piece.  This is simply a slow your ‘tude message.  A lot of back and forth on message boards and disgust being thrown around.

Take a chill pill fans.  Take a moment to realize that we have one of the best, if not the best, farm systems in the entire league.  Hit or miss that is an accomplishment.  You can’t hit on prospects if you don’t have them to begin with.  Not only that, it will be better before the end of this off season mark my words.  More talent will be infused in this system that will provide ample opportunity to lead to success in the near future.

I don’t want to be a fan of a middle of the road team.  I like seeing a team contend.  If they can’t contend this year, so be it.  At the very least I don’t have unreasonable expectations.  We have a very honest and open front office.  They are spreading unreasonable expectations.

Here are some things you can look forward to in the next 90 days:

1. Trades for B to B+ pitching prospects that are a year or two from ready

2. Signing of more flippable assets

3. A significant trade that changes next season (this is a toss up, most likely for the worse)

4. A major play for Tanaka

Keep your heads up Cubs fans.  All isn’t lost.

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