If you’re like me, you enjoy trivia. There is something about rolling on at home Jeopardy that just makes you feel like king of the dorks. Today we give you that opportunity with another edition of Name That Prospect.

RULES – I give you the scouting report from an old prospect handbook in my closet and you have to identify the prospect they are talking about. Your only clue is that the player in question has ties to the Chicago Cubs organization. No other hints. Put your guess in the comments and I’ll reveal tomorrow.

“I had some suspicions about how ____________ would do at higher levels, based on his somewhat shaky strike zone judgement. I thought he could lose some points in batting average and OBP, but I didn’t think he would totally suck like he did at Daytona (OPS -6 percent). He knocked 16 homers, but otherwise he was ineffective. I have yet to hear a completely satisfying explanation as to why this happened. There was no obvious health problem. His strikeout rate wasn’t that high. My friend Jim Callis of Baseball America theorizes that _________ panicked after a slow start and tried too hard to hit for power, inhibiting his production across the board. This fits in with what Florida State League observers say, and is as good an explanation as any, although I’m not sure it’s the whole story, as ____________’s K-rate actually improved somewhat compared to 2004. Usually when a guy freaks out, lengthens his swing, and tries to hit the hell out of everything, his strikeout rate spikes. It’s important that _____________ gets his hitting back in gear, given that he doesn’t offer much in the way of defense. My guess is that he will stabilize somewhere between his ’04 & ’05 numbers.” ~ John Sickels

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