I threw a simple tweet out this morning that caused me to realize why I get frustrated with the Cubs fan base more than any other fan base of a team I root for. I simply mentioned that Darwin Barney was a potential non-tender candidate, since he is arbitration eligible this off-season. Instantly, I had a few people reply via tweet and comment on Facebook that they felt that would be a mistake.

Rather than debate on if I agree or not (I don’t), I wanted to share my frustration with you. What frustrates me is the fact that people in this fan base get attached to a player for whatever reason and then fail to see when that player hurts the team by being a part of it. For me, as a kid, it was Rey Sanchez. I saw him and thought he was a building block. For a lot of folks it was Ryan Theriot for either an infatuation with him as a “grinder” or an infatuation with him from a physical standpoint. Whatever the reason, we suddenly put our Cubbie blinders on and fail to think bigger picture.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of watching a loser. I’m tired of checking out on the season come August. I want to consistently root for my team deep into October year in and year out. This week I want to take a look at the team as it’s currently constructed to see where we stand. In the meantime, let’s drop some links and prepare for our week.

  • John Heyman put up an interesting rumor that perhaps the Cubs and the Marlins would consider w0rking on a prospect trade. You don’t see it too often, but there are times when teams will make a major trade involving nothing more than prospects. The Marlins are loaded from a pitching standpoint and the Cubs are the opposite, with quite a bit of offensive talent, particularly at the third base position. It’s an interesting thought, but it’s tough to just swap guys you brought in the organization for other prospects. I think the pitching is coming along in the organization. We’re seeing some arms emerge near the top of the prospect rankings so it’s just a matter of those guys continuing to develop.
  • A couple of minor signings to report, all of them minor league contracts. Jeudy Valdez and Aaron Cunningham as well Walter Ibarra have all signed deals to play in the organization this season.
  • Kris Bryant was named the winner of the Arizona Fall League MVP. He engaged beast mode the entire time he was there and when the dust settled, he led the league with home runs (6), slugging percentage (.727), extra-base hits (15), runs scored (22-tie), total bases (56-tie) and a 20-game on-base-streak. He also hit .364, fifth best in the AFL, and was second in doubles with eight. In the past, both Jason Dubois and Sam Fuld won the award representing the Cubs. Let’s hope Bryant’s career doesn’t go the same path as those two.
  • CAPS called for news about fat people the other day so I figure I will deliver. In case you missed this story on Deadspin last week, Tony Picard is a beast of a running back for his high school team. He checks in a 6’4″ and 400lbs.
  • Dateline: Michigan – A man has purchased the home right next to his ex-wife and has erected a giant middle finger display just to remind her how much he cares.
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