With the World Series coming up next week, Cubs fans can only watch with spite for another year. 105 seasons to be exact since the last time the Chicago Cubs won the holy grail of baseball.  I wish I could talk to someone who was alive then that could describe that feeling; too bad that won’t happen.

The Cubs are deep in the process of rebuilding and have a plethora of talent on the way to the majors.  There is exceptional quality when it comes to position players, and depth to boot too.  While there might not be a diamond on the farm when it comes to pitching, there are a lot of rocks that are being polished in to jewels.  You’ll remember the Cubs Way was introduced when Theo and Jed took over the reigns.  Here is what I would like to see.

Most of the successful teams continue to see a variety of young pitchers sprout out of their farms each year.  They consistently groom and develop pitchers that were scouted to be average to slightly above average in to something much shinier and effective.  Call me pessimistic but there must be some thing that is preventing the Cubs from doing this very same thing.

Throughout the years, the Cubs most prized pitching stars have seen their arms completely fall off.  This was from a combination of bad managing and bad luck.  Last year saw a turn for the better with our young pitchers, Smardzjia and Wood, taking a step forward in their development.  The issue is that the Cubs need more in place during their farm development to prepare the young guns for the majors.

Much can be said about having a plan.  Yet, to follow through with a plan is the key part to seeing sustained success.  I believe with addition of Minor League Pitching Coordinator Derek Johnson, the Cubs have found someone who can create a plan that drives sustained success.  The key here is to making sure that all of the minor league pitching coaches are on the same page.  The plan must be implemented through all six stops of system.  Johnson can’t be in six places at one time and will need coaches following a consistent and similar guide to develop our young pitchers.

There may be a plan in place now that is being used.  Unfortunately, to this point the Cubs have not seen results.

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