Is there anything more annoying than a blog that doesn’t update every day? Of course there is. What? A coaching search, of course. Remember a few years ago when the Bears needed to hire an offensive coordinator and settled on Mike Martz. That search was exhaustive and got way too annoying. Now, it’s the Cubs turn.

We’re going to hear a lot of names, so if you hear one mentioned, let’s just add it to the list. Here are the ones I’ve seen so far.

  • Joe Girardi
  • Mike Scioscia
  • Joe Maddon
  • Mike Maddux
  • Brad Ausmus
  • Don Cooper
  • A.J. Hinch

The quick choice would be for Girardi, but really, what has he really accomplished when you consider the vast amount of talent he’s had in New York for the last few years? Is he the right guy for the job? Personally, I’m a Mike Scioscia guy myself. It’s going to be an interesting and potentially annoying next few weeks. My hope is that whoever we hire, it’s done quickly so the focus can be on other things.

Now that the season is over, it’s time to look at the players who are eligible to go to salary arbitration should the Cubs offer that option to them. Remember, they could elect to just part ways with the player at that point or choose to sign them to a contract before going to the bargaining table. MLB Trade Rumors had a nice roundup summary of the players eligible.

Estimated service time is in parentheses, and estimated 2014 salary follows.

  • Jeff Samardzija (4.028): $4.9MM
  • Nate Schierholtz (5.078): $3.8MM
  • Travis Wood (3.004): $3.6MM
  • Darwin Barney (3.053): $2.1MM
  • Daniel Bard (3.079): $1.8625MM
  • James Russell (4.000): $1.7MM
  • Luis Valbuena (3.148): $1.5MM
  • Pedro Strop (2.156, Super Two): $1MM
  • Donnie Murphy (4.043): $1MM
  • Darnell McDonald (3.130): $700K

Finally, a big thanks goes out to CAPS for taking the time to total everyone’s sponsorship pledge totals for my Tough Mudder fund raiser. If you don’t remember, I’m running in the event on November 4th and as part of the event, I was looking to raise donations for the wounded warrior project. A number of you have pledged support based around the Cubs season, so here is the summary.

Jswan pleged a dollar per win, Cubs won 66 games ($66)

If we count Ian Stewart’s minor league HRs, then gymjok would owe $5, if his Dodgers totals are to be included it would be $7.

Captain Obvious pledged 5 bucks for every Stewart dinger. So it would be $25 or $35 depending on what’s counted. He also pledged 10 bucks for each Gregg save. Gregg had 33 ($330). Soriano had no starts at 3B, and I don’t know what he considers comments that are whoring for Lizzie’s.

Clark98 pledged 10 bucks for every Barney error, Barney had 4 ($40)

Chuck pledged $5 for each win over 50. So $80 for him

Verncrowe5 pledged a dollar for every Starlin Castro walk. Castro had 30 walks ($30)

CAPS pledged a penny per base and wrote that “the Cubs had 2156 bases. So that would be $21.56. I’m going to add $1.15 to it for Soriano’s totals with the Yankees, bringing my total to $22.71, and I’m going to round off and double my pledge to 2 pennies per base, so I owe $46.

For those who pledged, you can either use the Tough Muddle pledge link for me OR e-mail me at and I can give you an address where you can send me the check and I’ll pledge it on the Tough Mudder site for you. Thanks for the support, everyone.


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