I apologize for the lack of action here on the site for the last couple weeks. I recently switched employers and have been pouring myself into learning the new job. With that said, I wanted to touch on three talking points for today.

1. Dale Sveum learns his fate – When they say it like that, we basically already know his fate. In fact, if the Cubs were planning on retaining his services, we would not hear anything about his return due to the fact that he still has time left on his contract. The fact is that the Cubs looked at Sveum as a placeholder until they felt they were closer to contend. While that may not seem like the case at this point, it has simply come to where a change is needed to simply get a new voice in there to see if that helps guys like Rizzo and Castro, who have both regressed under Sveum’s watch. Now the question is who replaces him. If Joe Girardi is really a candidate, like has been rumored, you have to make a serious run at him.

2. Javier Baez is priming the pump to get paid – Arguably the Cubs top prospect, Baez switched agents recently KPS Sports. While that is not a huge, well known, agency either, he is upgrading in anticipation for a big payday down the road as he looks to make his debut as early as next season.

3. Moving Forward – It’s always tough watching losing baseball. We’re knee deep in the rebuild. How do you feel from a big picture standpoint? It’s a little scary relying on prospects, but if it works, it sets up the pipeline to keep this team competitive for a long time. I’m ready for that.

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