The season is winding to a close (or it did last week, if VFTB is the center of the Cubs’ universe). And the Cubs got a rather unfortunate win on Wednesday. Unfortunate is probably the wrong word; but I especially hate when Cub wins are roundly celebrated by Cardinal fans. In fact, based on where the NL Central now stands I wish the Cards had clinched against the Nationals. Now the Cubs will very likely be in the visitors dugout when STL celebrates avoiding the dreaded play-in Wild Card game. 40,000 in jorts, baseball’s so-called smartest fans, dusting off the rally squirrel t-shirts, feathering their mullets, fiddling with their lone remaining front tooth, sister/wife at their side ready to celebrate with some Skoal and Bud Light…I hate September games at Busch. When all is said and done, the Cubs will finish with fewer than 70 wins, only a handful of games to show for improvement on last season. And dutifully the vast majority of the Cubs faithful give Theo & Co. a second mulligan…

  • On Monday the Cubs state their intentions for the man with the forearm tattoos. In hindsight, it’s a great thing Theo & Jed didn’t make the mistake of hiring Ryne Sandberg two years ago. It takes a special manager to work through the July Fire Sale Festival. Unquestionably, Sveum was uniquely suited for the job – a delicate blend of spineless, non-descript, and devoid of imagination. Seriously though, how anyone can pretend to judge Dale on anything that’s happened over the last two seasons is laughable. The only thing I know for sure is that he’s better than Mike Quade – but then again, even my four-year-old wouldn’t be hitting Jeff Baker cleanup and playing him in LF.
  • If you missed the Brewers-Braves game last night, you need to watch this video. Total respect for what Brian McCann did; I’m not sure I’d even have had the foresight to consider the move. Carlos Gomez is a clown; I don’t care what you have against a guy – that kind of thing is bush league.
  • So much for an extra wild card adding more suspense. Before the season’s final series begin, the NL playoff teams are set, and two divisions only have one team. In the AL you have 3 teams for 2 spots (where before last season you would’ve had 3 teams for 1 spot…that’s less suspense Bud). Plus, 2 of these teams will be in the “playoffs” for exactly one day.
  • If you were born roughly 2,274 days (or more) after the first scheduled night game at Wrigley, this is only the second postseason in your lifetime that will not include the New York Yankees.
  • After 159 games, I consider this season to be even more lost than last year. At least when 2012 ended there was reason to think some of the franchise’s young stars were ready to cement their status as an everyday fixture for the next decade at Wrigley. Then Rizzo didn’t hit as well, Samardzija pitched much worse, and a bunch of coaches decided Castro should stop doing everything that made him so valuable. Along the way, only Junior Lake added his name to the ‘Cubs of Tomorrow’ plan – and even he has been a weird combination of electric and ineffective. At this point, I could be convinced that any of those players is traded before 2014 ends; and I could also be convinced that any of them would be a 2014 All-Star.
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