In case you missed it last night, the Cubs made another trade, this time sending Scott Hairston to the Nationals for a minor league pitcher. As of this writing, the player has not been announced, but my guess is it’s a starting pitcher, since that’s the model Theo and Jed have put in place. Their goal has been to stockpile as many young arms as possible and let the law of numbers sort them all out. The trade is expected to be formally announced this morning, so we should get more info soon. Hairston had a pinch hit home run yesterday that looked to be the winning RBI until Goggleface came in and wet the bed for a rare time this year. I watched the whole game on DVR last night, which is a struggle considering how bad this team is and how long that game lasted, and I thought for sure the Cubs were going to end up blowing the series win when it went to extra innings. In the end, it’s nice to come away with a series victory like that. Tonight we face the White Sox in a makeup game from an earlier rainout. That has the Matt Garza rumors buzzing since he’s the starter tonight, especially after Ricky Nolasco was moved this weekend. Nolasco was another hot name on the market. Supply has decreased so demand should increase. Here is a look at the rumors around Garza that I’ve come across:

  • Ken Rosenthal writes that the Rangers had interest in Garza last year and have interest in him again. In fact, sources he spoke to said they were more interested in Garza last year than they were in Ryan Dempster, but because of the injury Garza suffered late in the process, they settled for Dempster.
  • Rumor has it that the Nationals also have interest in Garza. The deal yesterday leads me to believe that at least the Cubs have talked about him. You can’t discuss a deal for Hairston and at least not mention Garza if you’re Jed or Theo.

I’m not sure when Garza will be moved. All I know is that every start he makes, I’m on pins and needles. He’s scheduled for a start tonight and one on Saturday. How well he pitches in both could be the deciding factor in the return.


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