Yep, let’s do this!  Five burning questions in honor of Hot Stove season.

It’s that time of year where Team Epstein gets out its construction gear and rips apart the current house to build a better foundation for the future…and I am all for it.  I am long on this team, meaning I don’t expect any returns until 2015 at best.  I could care less if they lose 100 games per season for the next two years.  2015 or bust baby!!!!

Which leads to my first question and as always feel free to explain your answers :

1) It was recently reported that Jorge Soler will be out 4-6 weeks with a stress fracture in his left tibia.  This all but ends his 2013 campaign.  In considering this,  who will be the first player acquired, either through the draft, a trade or signed through international free agency, by the Epstein regime to make their Major League debut?


2) If Matt Garza is traded what do you think he will fetch…

a) A top 100 prospect

b) A top 50 Prospect

c) A top 20 prospect

d) Nobody in the top 100

3) In your opinion, are there any “untouchable” players on the Cubs current big league roster? If so, who?

4) Rank the following in order of impact/importance to the city of Chicago:

a) A Cubs World Series Birth

b) A Bears Super Bowl Victory

c) The White Sox moving out of state

d) The Hawks winning a Stanley Cup

e) The Bulls winning a championship

5) With Carlos Marmol officially off the roster, who will be the new favorite Cub to hate going forward?

That will do it for this weeks edition.  Please feel free to share your answers with us!

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