ABOUT LAST NIGHTThere was no game last night so instead you get to hear about my personal life. I’ve been doing Insanity. I started week four last night, after taking a couple days off. Two quick words of advice. First, don’t do Insanity. It’s crazy hard. Second, if you’re going to do Insanity, don’t take days off to let your body recover. It was so hard to get back into it last night. Everything in me wanted to quit. I’m curious to know if anyone else has tried it and if so, how did it go?

THE RUMOR MILL IS CHURNING I posted in the ESPN Power Rankings this week “Theo Epstein has gone on record as saying that there are even money odds that a trade will happen before the All Star break. July should be a fun month for Cubs fans and it probably won’t have to do with the play on the field.” We’re less than a month away from the non-waiver deadline and the rumors are hot and heavy so let’s take a look at what’s happening.

  • Carlos Marmol, who was designated for assignment recently, is rumored to be headed to the Dodgers. The sticking points as of this writing appear to be getting Marmol to accept the trade, given that the Dodgers are on his no-trade list, and a decision on how much of the remaining money owed will be absorbed by the Dodgers. At this point, there is no word on if the Cubs would receive a player in return, but if they did, it won’t be anything other than a filler.
  • Ken Rosenthal wrote yesterday that the Cubs were “all but certain” to trade Matt Garza, Scott Feldman, and Kevin Gregg before the deadline, which would mean that the Cubs would once again be in the market for a closer. I’d hope that Jed and Theo would either elect to fill that role with a player from within or with another flyer like Gregg who can be had on the cheap. I don’t believe in spending big bucks on bullpen arms. Build the pen from within.


  • The Pittsburgh Pirates have the best record in all of baseball and vaulted up to the # 1 spot in the weekly power rankings. What in the world in going on here? I’m not a believer in the Buccos and I’m willing to lay even money on the fact that they will fail to make the playoffs, once again.
  • Bryce Harper, who had been on the DL, came back last night and homered in his first at bat back. My question is this. If you had to wager on either Harper or Mike Trout, who will have the better career when all is done?
  • The Yankees have cleared the very outspoken Alex Rodriguez to play in a rehab assignment. The situation amuses me a lot because the Yankees are very much suffering the effects of a dumb extension that was signed. I love the fact that the CBA in baseball makes teams pay the contracts they sign. There is not an ability to just cut someone like in the NFL and there is no amnesty clause, like in the NBA. You sign the deal, you pay the deal.


Q – There are currently seven active players in Major League Baseball who have played all of their career (minimum 10+ years) with the same team. How many can you name?

A – Click Here

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