Player of the Game- Kevin Gregg (.148 WPA)

The Cubs put up some runs today as a team.  The game was played well and a fairly well pitched game from Edwin Jackson. Except for a home run he gave up to Raul Ibanez, Jackson pitched an efficient and strong game today.  Now that is where the Head Coach Dale Sveum and Shawn Camp took things over.

Sveum wanted to stay away from James Russel and Blake Parker today as was addressed half way through the game.  The big deal is that he turned to one of the worst relievers in our pen, save Carlos Marmol who we unceremoniously bounced like a bad check last week.  Here came Camp who pitched a rather efficient seventh inning.  Yet, you know something bad was going to happen and Sveum still let him stay in.

I’m no manager and I know the decisions come fast and hard in the heat of a game.  Yet, when sitting on my couch I get the quezy in my stomach at the beginning of the eighth, you know the million dollar manager should have too.

Its hard watching games like that, even though this one had a good outcome. Why is it a constant battle with this team?  The days that we hit good are the days the bullpen implodes.  It seems that there is a lot of games where things should have worked out and they didn’t.

The Cubs have had 50 quality starts this season.  They are 35-45.  They have missed out on cashing in on 15 QS starts from the starters.  Chance it enough they have blown 16 saves.  Where could this team be if a couple more strong arms were signed for the bullpen?

Oh to muse.


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