Boxscore / Lowlights

 Player of the Game– Shelby Miller (.268 WPA)

After a two hour delay last night the Cubs stepped on to the field, listless and seemingly ready for a whipping.  From the first pitch the Cubs appeared sluggish and unwanting of the opportunity to play.  I can say that I understand that because after an hour and a half I was hoping they would finally call the game too.  The only player that came with much of any fire was Travis Wood.

Wood went 7 innings giving up four runs on seven hits.  He looked dominant early on but appeared to fade in to the late hours of the night.  It has to be hard on a pitcher to prepare for a game and go through their routine and then sit around for another two hours before the actual game gets started.  I could excuse his four run performance, that in total still left his team a chance to stay in the game, but the whole rain delay thing didn’t seem to affect the young Shelby Miller.

Miller dominated the Cubs lineup. Plain and simple.  Then the bullpen dominated the Cubs lineup.  Again, plain and simple.  That is until Darwin Barney got a hold of one and put two runs up late.  I think this is the Cubs move; make it look interesting late when everyone has already turned the game off.

I cursed at the laptop screen several times last night as I watched the game on MLB.Tv.  My wife finally woke up and told me to be quiet.  We are in the eastern time zone so it became a rather late game.

The whole time I watched this game I couldn’t help but think, “wow these guys look like they could care less!”

I don’t think that is a true statement of how the team feels.  Yet, when watching recent games the magic and fire of only a few short weeks ago seems to have been tamped out pretty quickly.  That will happen when you have your aging veteran clubhouse leader turning on your less than dominant  used-to-be emergency closer.  The well has been poisoned.

Dale? Jed?  Theo?  Tom?  Somebody?  Pep talk please.  The open talk about trading current roster members can’t be helping.  I understand the want to be transparent with the fan base, but stop.  Pick up the fragile egos of the millionaires that are payed to play ball and get the best performance out of them.  In reality, if you don’t, all the trade talk is just conjecture and you’ve disappointed your players, yourself, the organization, and the fans who are hoping for a couple cornerstone prospects at the deadline.

The only problem.  The Cubs already looked like they have passed a dead line.  Some have hung up the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)  flags, others their SOS flags.

I’m tired of seeing the “L” flag.

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