Reds 2, Cubs 1

Box Score / Highlights

To paraphrase the great philosopher Pedro Martinez, it might be time for the Cubs to just tip their hats and call the Reds their daddies. It sickens me to say it, but Cincinnati has won their last twelve games at Wrigley Field. They sort of own the Friendly Confines these days, and it doesn’t seem like there’s much the Cubs can do about it.

Wednesday’s loss wasn’t another lop-sided failure like Tuesday’s 12-2 embarrassment. Instead, it was a relative pitchers’ duel, with Travis Wood and Mike Leake both throwing well deep into the game. It really came down to a few well-timed hits, and the Cubs just couldn’t put together enough of them. In fact, they only managed three hits for the afternoon–meager production that made for a short, impressive day for the Reds’ pitching staff.

In the ten games since their five-game winning streak, the Cubs have gone 2-8, scoring a measly seven runs combined in those games. Translation: I don’t have a lot to say that would be worthwhile about this game or this team right now. There are times when we lose games by getting spectacularly out-pitched or out-hit by an overwhelming opponent. When the other team is that much better than ours, it’s easy to let those losses roll off your back.

Wednesday’s game was not one of those.

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