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June 12, 2013

Game 62: Anything Else on TV?

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There was not much to feel good about watching tonight’s game. To be fair there hasn’t been much to feel good in Cubs-Reds games for much of the last three seasons, as the Reds have taken 18 of the last 21 meetings between the two teams. Oof.

Matt Garza was in a giving mood on Tuesday night, offering up two home runs early to put the Cubs in an early 3-0 hole. An Alfonso Soriano sac fly allowed the boys in blue to get one run back in the bottom of the fourth, but Garza just couldn’t shake his kindred spirit. The Cubs “ace” surrendered another bomb to Cub-killer Xavier Paul in the sixth to finish off an impressive eight-spot performance.

Paul was an okay player with the Dodgers, but developing into a nice player in the back half of the lineup with the Reds. Quick story about Paul, I had a friend who pitched against him in high school and he gave up two home runs to him in one game. He swears by the fact that Paul hit one at least 550 feet over the center-field wall. I have no video evidence to confirm nor deny this story.

The Cubs ran into a bit of hard-luck in the second and third innings when Joey Votto turned into the best fielding first baseman of all time. He robbed Wellington Castillo and Starlin Castro of hits on back-to-back plays overlapping the two innings. If you have a chance to go back and watch them, they are pretty impressive plays.

Not to be outdone on the defensive front, defending Gold Glover Darwin Barney flashed some good leather in the third, including a diving stop on an inning-ending double play. Other than the Cody Ransom home run (Ransom scored both runs), Barney’s nifty glove was about the only other thing the Cubs had going for them.

Also kids, want to see how NOT to play a sinking liner in the outfield? Go watch Joey Votto’s “triple” to right field. An embarrassing play for Scott Hairston.

The only other Cubs-related event exciting enough to talk about is the Ian Stewart twitter-debacle. CAPS mentioned it briefly in the comments section of yesterday’s recap, but Stewart essentially aired his dirty laundry with the organization. He had choice words for Dave Sveum and virtually asked the team to release him so he can pursue other opportunities.

The fact that he thinks he’ll be handed a big-league job in another organization is laughable. The twitter drama violated some language in his contract with the team and according to Theo, Stewart will be suspended without pay until they decide what to do with him.

Everyone knows what is coming, it is just a matter of dealing with the MLBPA at this point and I’m not sure they will have much of an argument against the decision. Stewart is probably sprucing up his resume as I write this wonderful recap.

Well done Ian and good luck!

Sidenote: The moment of the Dodgers-Dbacks fight when Matt Williams, Kirk Gibson, Don Mattingly and Mark McGwire were all tied up was priceless. Find a gif of that, you won’t be disappointed.

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  • WholeDamnShow

    Is Garza even trade-able at this point?

  • Josephine (D)

    After it became 9-2 I had to go to Boomerang. I couldn’t take the pain.

    It’s like the Cubs want to prove the baseball elites right.


    After Paul went yard, I switched to the NBA Finals to see the Queen get destroyed. LeBron still doesn’t have an asterisk-free ring.


    Change the channel, Marge!

  • Dusty Baylor

    Garza has made 5 starts. 2 good ones, 2 bad ones, 1 ok one. Let’s see how he’s doing at the ASB. He was out a good long time.

  • Cap’n Obvious

    Tonight there is hockey on TV. No telling what I’ll watch when the Hawks series is over….


    Re-live the glory days of the Bulls of the 90s. Today is the 22nd anniversary of the Bulls first ever NBA Championship:

  • jswanson

    Quality rhubarb…Donny Baseball sort of pancaked Trammel.

  • Jedi

    I would’ve gone with donnybrook considering the participants.

  • jswanson

    Valid point. I bet the Chavez Ravine CVS is completely sold out of Ben Gay from those old bastards after their adrenaline levels came back down.

  • Eddie Von White

    Not for what we were hoping to get in return.

  • Jerry in Wisconsin

    I bet the wirlpool was filled with epsom salts and old salts as well

  • Doc Raker

    The Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup Finals starting tonight, Wednesday, on NBC 7PM Chicago time. Hawks Bruins, should be good. Grab an Al’s Beef with hot peppers and pull up a chair.

  • Chuck

    I watched the Spurs give the Heat a beatdown for the ages. It was glorious. Who would have thought that the Heat would be the team to look old and broken down?

  • Josh Cornwall

    That. Was. The. Game. Of. The. Year.

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