As we all wait to see what Epstein and Co. has up their collective sleeves for the 2013 draft, I figured it would be a good idea to look back at previous Cub drafts.

The only problem? There are very few positives coming from the north side of Chicago where the history of the draft is concerned.  Sure, we have had our would be, might be, could be stars littering the rounds of every draft for years, but how many of these “prospects” have panned out?

Before I continue, I should preface everything by saying that a true star player in the making will not spend more than 4 years in the minors.  You say your team has a star in the making but he has been in the minor league system for 6 years?  Guess again.  He may be a fine ballplayer, but star he is not.  You get four years…that’s it.  Look back at history, any true star, and I am not talking occasional all-star or one time ballot topper here, I am talking Sandberg, Mantle, Ripken, Banks, Ryan…you get the picture.  That’s rookie ball and a year each at A, AA, AAA then it’s off to the majors.  Oh and bouncing back and forth does not count, you get four years to stick.  Yes, there are probably a few with a freak injury/illness or maybe some service time for our country that you can use to debunk my theory, but 99% get four years.

Now that we have that covered, back to the Cubs draft woes…..

Below is a list of Cub first round draft picks since 1992.  That covers 20 years and pretty much any player that could have any effect on the team in the last 5 years.


*The number on the far right represents the overall pick of the draft

2012 Albert Almora CF Mater Academy Charter, Hialeah, Fla. 6
2011 Javier Baez SS Arlington Country Day School 9
2010 Hayden Simpson RHP Southern Arkansas 16
2009 Brett Jackson OF California 31
2008 Andrew Cashner RHP Texas Christian 19
2007 Josh Vitters 3B Cypress (Calif.) HS 3
2006 Tyler Colvin OF Clemson 13
2005 Mark Pawelek LHP Springville HS (UT) 20
2003 Ryan Harvey OF Dunedin HS 6
2002 Bobby Brownlie RHP Rutgers 21
2001 Mark Prior RHP U. of Southern California 2
2000 Luis Montanez SS Miami, FL 3
1999 Ben Christiansen RHP Wichita State U. 26
1998 Corey Patterson OF Kennesaw, GA 3
1997 Jon Garland RHP Granada Hills, CA 10
1996 Todd Noel RHP Maurice, LA 17
1995 Kerry Wood RHP Grand Prairie, TX 4
1994 Jayson Peterson RHP Denver, CO 15
1993 Jon Ratliff RHP LeMoyne College 24
1993 Brooks Kieschnick OF-RH U of Texas 10
1992 Derek Wallace RHP Pepperdine U 11


So basically 20 years and we got Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, and Cashner (which turned into Rizzo) to show for it.  The extremely depressing years are 2002-2010, which explain exactly why Epstein has had nothing to work with.  You’ll notice the Cubs have selected in the top 10 half of those years.  For crying out loud, 2010 first rounder Hayden Simpson was let go during spring training and is now toiling with a Frontier league team!  The guy should be mid-way through his minor league progression at least.

Oh well, while there are no guarantees in the world of prospecting baseball players, the new regime seems to have a better handle on the concept….from the owner on down.


Draft News:


  • Here is a small but telling article regarding Hayden Simpson and how/why he was drafted in the first round.  Still shaking my head…..that damn Crane Kenney!
  • Each pick in the first 10 rounds of the draft now has a value assigned to it.  You can go under, but if you go over you will get penalized.  An Article explaining that is here.
  • Here is a reason why the Cubs may pass on some of the popular players like Appel, or Gray.
  • Read VFTB’s very own Holden Clark and his take on the Cubs potential picks beyond the first round.
  • Here is a blurb on the top pitchers in this years draft.
  • As Bleacher Report likes to do, here is another Top 10……this time it’s “who could be the Boom or Bust signings of the 2013 draft“….how about all of them?
  • This is a take on the top position players in the draft.
  • The potential top pick failed a drug test recently.


That should get you started.  Draft coverage on the MLB Network starts at 6:00pm EST on June 6th.




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