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May 28, 2013

Game 50 – Samardzija Savages The Sox

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Box Score / Highlights

Star of the Game – Jeff Samardzija – .354 (WPA)

Jeff Samardzija
After his May 10th start, I was quite critical of Samardzija’s 2013 form. His last three starts have removed any possible criticism levied against him. Memorial Day against the crosstown rivals was the best start of 2013 for Samardzija – and perhaps of his career. Completely dominant from the first pitch, the Cubs got a complete game shutout two-hitter from the former Notre Dame standout. And all of that on only 108 pitches. The White Sox never threatened; unable to get two runners on base in the same inning until they had 2 outs in the ninth. Best start of the year by a Cub pitcher.

The DH
At the Cell on Monday was the Cubs first taste of an AL park in 2013. With Dale Sveum’s first chance to use the DH, he looked up and down the roster and selected Scott Hairston. Scott Hairston? The Cubs don’t exactly have a readymade DH waiting for these games (unless you count Soriano), but Hairston has started as a DH all of 8 times in his career before Monday. There wasn’t a mountain of evidence screaming ‘you must use Scott Hairston in this situation’ so I’m not going to pretend to know Dale’s thought process. Let’s see who he uses on Tuesday against Chris Sale.

MLB has severe issues with these one-game use uniforms for special days. But the faux camo lettering and numbering that teams donned for Monday’s holiday wasn’t terrible. And when I say ‘not terrible’ I mean there’s no way I would buy anything the players wore, but it also wasn’t so distracting that I felt compelled to turn off the TV. The way he pitched, Samardzija might be looking to wear the camo every time out.

A byproduct of the wonky MLB schedule that’s always playing interleague games is this weird stretch that the Cubs now find themselves in (I wanted a sentence as awkward as the schedule). Two games at the Cell, followed by two at Wrigley against the Sox for a disjointed 4-game season series (that’s right, we’re done with the South Siders after Thursday). Then Bob Brenly and the Diamondbacks will be in for 3 games at Wrigley over the weekend, before an off-day on Monday. The Cubs jet to Anaheim for two games with the Angels, an off-day next Thursday and back to Chicago to resume the homestand until June 14. That’s 14 of 16 games in Chicago (12 at Wrigley) over 18 days. Weird.

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  • Jedi

    And if you got into the Cueto-Garza tiff on Sunday, Dusty Baker decided that no potential fight could go on without his input…and he’s an idiot.

  • Josephine (D)

    I really wish I could have watched the game; this could very well be Shark’s best game of at least this season, if not his career. Who wants to bet MLB Network will not cover this game like they do whenever one of the big aces like Strasburg pitches, even if he has a crappy outing. IMO the media makes a bigger deal when one of “their” pitchers has a bad outing than when a good pitcher from a lesser team is awesome. They’d rather smirk at the Cubs than be unbiased.

    Can anyone let me know how MLB Network reported it? I can’t watch it right now as I’m heading back home from my graduation trip.

  • Eddie Von White

    A byproduct of the Cubs beating the White Sox at the Cell is the joy of hearing Hawk Harrelson announce a losing effort for his team – against the hated Cubs. Have you ever noticed how he can’t bring himself to call the Cubs the Cubs? Instead he makes reference to “the other guys” or “the bad guys” etc.
    I do miss Steve Stone though.

    I like the way Smarja pitched, but it was very disturbing having to look at him.


    Dusty Baker an idiot!? What a story. In other news, the sun rose today.


    He calls every opponent the other guys or the bad guys. Not just the Cubs. Me OTOH, I prefer to call the White Sox the trash. Not even capitalize it. Just the trash.

  • jswanson

    The only thing in trash fans’ vocabularies is “Cubs suck.”

  • Seymour Butts

    Big mistake not capitalizing it, it’s kind of your thing.


    Not with the trash. Not capitalizing it is an indicator of the 2nd-class status that they are.

  • Mark_from_Toronto

    Have to agree that the camo lettering wasn’t really distracting, of course that was due to the fact it managed to camo itself on both teams uniforms. When I first turned on the game it looked like Samardzija was wearing a blank grey unform. I’m sure on some team’s uniforms it was more visible, but on grey or white it was practically invisible from any sort of distance.

  • Jerry in Wisconsin

    WooHoo Cubs beat the Sox and are no longer in last place!

  • Jedi

    You go girl!

  • Joe Aiello

    It’s funny cause that’s not their name.

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