I watch a lot of “other” baseball.  “Other” meaning teams besides the Cubs.  It started years ago when I purchased the ridiculously expensive Extra Innings package on DirecTV.  I feel I have learned a little something venturing outside the broadcasts of our beloved Cubs.

Every team seems to have an identity and then key components built around said identity.  Overall, I feel there are four qualities that separate a winning baseball team from one that sits on middle ground or lower: defense , timely hitting, starting pitching and bullpen.  I used to think coaching mattered, and it does, but as Dusty Baker used to say, “gimme the horses and I will win.”  Well guess what Dusty, so will many others.

Coaching and the much talked about chemistry are great, but they don’t play the same importance in baseball that they do in other sports.  Winning teams, while displaying all four qualities, tend to lean on two or three of these as major strengths.  When I say they are strengths, I am saying they are dominant over most of the rest of the league in that category.  Remember, you have your opinion , I have mine.  Do share in the comments.

My question to Cub fans is this, of these four qualities, would you consider the Cubs to be strong in any of them?  Remember, lets say strong would be qualified as being in the top third of the league.  If so, please explain.



The News…or something like it.


NL East: 

  • Could this be the end of a great story , or just another bump in the road for Evan Gattis?  If you don’t know his story this is worth a read.
  • Juan Pierre Stole his 600th base.  What’s more interesting is a list of all the players ahead of him included in the link.  “The Rick” is still blowing everybody else away.

NL Central:

NL West:


Tweet of the Week:



Well, that will rap it up for now.  See you in two weeks and don’t forget to weigh in on the question from the intro!





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