Box Score / Highlights

Star of the Game – Hiram Burgos – .179 (WPA)

Soriano’s error. Alfonso was running almost straight in to corral a fly ball that he awkwardly lunged for as it glanced off his glove. Plays like this happen a few times each year when you employ a fielder of Soriano’s caliber.

Castro’s error. I’m probably the only one, but I am actually pleased with the type of errors that Castro has been committing this year. He hasn’t been out of position, absent-minded, or even mechanically lazy. But his errors this year are consistently coming at the worst times. Saturday’s was no different, after Soriano’s blunder, a walk and two groundouts (the second of which gave the Brewers the lead) – Castro fielded a slow groundball but couldn’t transfer it out of his glove. He never made a throw, another run scored.

Beyond Hideous
Jackson’s error. Chris Bosio visited the mound along with the entire infield after Ryan Braun’s leadoff single in the 6th. With a runner on first, the pitcher checks with his middle infielders to see who will be covering the bag on a comebacker. No replay showed Jackson making that clear with Barney and/or Castro; so it might’ve happened during this meeting on the mound. After striking out Rickie Weeks, Jackson got that comebacker – he turned toward second ready to start the inning-ending double play…double pumped, and chucked it into CF well over Barney’s head. By a lot.

Not Good Enough For This
Yesterday it was a 3-run bomb in the first, today it was 4 free and needless runs GIFTED to the Brewers. This team isn’t nearly as bad as they’ve looked – but they also aren’t good enough to keep overcoming big, early deficits, extra outs, or unearned runs. Any one of those errors wouldn’t have been so bad – but combined, it gave the Brewers a huge lead they didn’t earn. I’d say that our starting pitchers deserve better, but I just watched Jackson chuck the ball to DeJesus again.

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