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Star of the Game – Nick Noonan (.246 WPA)


So, I’m not even sure how to start today’s recap. We’ll just get right into the meat of things.

The Wild, Wild Pitch

Once again another impressive pitching performance ruined by the lack of control in the middle innings. I noted on Twitter in the fourth inning that Edwin Jackson, albeit having a good day, had a high pitch count early in the game like Jeff Samardzija did last Sunday. By the time Jackson reached the top of the sixth, he had zero control of his slider, which led to three walks and two wild pitches. Jackson left the game with a 4-3 lead and two runners on base attributed to him. Michael Bowden kindly replicated Jackson’s fun inning with three wild pitches of his own, which improved the total to five in the inning. For the sake of comparison, the Cubs had eight wild pitches in 11 contests coming into the game. They nearly matched that total in sixth.

7th Inning Stench

What happened today? Was Julia Sweeney on something during her interview and whatever she was doing during Take Me Out to the Ballgame? There have been plenty of bad guests for the stretch, but that might be a Bottom 10 of recent memory. Yikes.

Navarr-oh Boy

While Jackson and Bowden were a major part of the issue in the sixth, Navarro had a day behind the plate that he will want to forget. His bat has been zoned in during a couple of recent pinch-hit attempts, but his err…zone was lacking on defense today. Five wild pitches and three passed balls contributed to five of the six runs scored by the Giants in the early innings. Sveum might be hard pressed to trot Navarro back out in the field too much this season. Hopefully nothing happens to Wellington Castillo.

Marmol, Fujikawa, Camp…..Next?

Shawn Camp was the latest Cubs’ pitcher to be victimized by the ninth-inning plague. Camp rolled through the first two batters and then with a 1-2 to Hunter Pence, he left a slider over the corner of the plate. The rest is history. Inferiority in the bullpen is a hard thing to overcome for a team that struggles to score many runs consistently.

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