It’s home opening day. I know things haven’t quite been going as well as they could have been, but don’t let that get you down. Instead, let’s take a look at some recommendations for this season.

One of the things I really try hard to stick to is not promoting and “recommending” a product that I didn’t think was a good one. I get so many e-mails from people asking to mention things on the site. I try to spare everyone from that and only let you know about ones I think are worth your time. Let’s take a look at pair I’ve found recently.

Wrigley Field E-Guide – When I got this e-mail, I was a little skeptical. Kurt Smith, founder of Ballpark E-Guides contacted me to see if I’d take a look and promote his guide to Wrigley Field. I figured I’d look at it, find it a waste of time, and promptly delete the e-mail. However, when I looked it over, I was pleasantly surprised. While I would never use this particular E-Guide since I’m from Chicago, I found it really well done and would definitely spend the money on one of the other team’s e-guides next time I visit one of those stadiums. There is nothing worse than going to a new environment and leaving feeling like you missed something. From where to sit, how to get there and what to eat when you’re there, these guides meticulously detail each of these and more. Currently there are guides for 16 of the 30 MLB teams and each is only $4.99. In my opinion, that’s a small price to pay to limit the chances of making a mistake and maximizing the visit to a new park. For info on the guides, please take a minute to visit Kurt’s website, and have a look around. If you buy one, be sure to let me know what you think.

Beats by Cubs? – OK, so that’s not the name of this next product, but it’s one I’m enjoying very much. One of my most prized possessions is my 120 GB, iPod classic. The thing goes everywhere with me, including to bed with me. I’m an iPod dork and always have it going. In particular, I like to use it when I’m blogging or just overall piddling on the laptop. The problem is that my family does not want to always have to hear sports podcasts. That’s where the folks at Bigr Audio came in. Usually my listening experience is enhanced by purchasing $0.99 ear buds off E-Bay from Hong Kong, waiting for them to ship and then replacing every few months when they die. When I was asked to preview the Chicago Cubs version of the Bigr Audio headphones, I jumped at the opportunity. Shortly after, this arrived at my doorstep. They are so much better than what I am used to using. They do a good job at cancelling out noise, though they are not advertised as noise cancelling, and they allow me to support my team when I’m at the gym looking like a dork for being the only guy with over the ear headphones on. The pair I have retails for $99 and they have all of the teams fully licensed. Check them out at

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