If you don’t follow basketball, you may not know the Miami Heat are kind of a big deal at the moment. The reigning NBA Champions just had a 27-game win streak snapped in Chicago by the Bulls last night. The Heat were attempting to break the NBA’s record of 33-straight wins put up by the 1972-73 Lakers. If you’re saying to yourself, “the Cubs might not win 33 games the entire year!” – just remember, it’s only March. No need to be so pessimistic; they’ll probably get at least 43.

Longest Streak Ever
The Cubs longest win streak is an impressive 21 games. More impressive, they’ve had two DIFFERENT 21-game win streaks. Less impressive, the first streak came before Adolf Hitler was born; the second came before most of the world realized he was a pretty bad guy.

Streak #1
In merely their 5th year of existence, the Chicago White Stockings, as managed by Cap Anson posted an incredible 21-game win streak from June 5 through July 8, 1880. Silver, Cap, Joe, Tom, Ned, Abner, George, and King were the regulars. Larry Corcoran and Fred Goldsmith were the pitching staff – between them throwing all but 28 of the 775 IP during the season. Corcoran was 43-14 with 1.95 ERA and 536.1 IP; but really what does that tell you, pitching wins are overrated. At the end of the streak, the Cubs record was 35-3. They had a rough July (because ya know, they were still the Cubs) and would finish with a record of 67-17, NL Champs and 15 games clear of the 2nd place and since defunct, Providence Grays.

Streak #2
On September 2, 1935 the Cubs sat in third place in the NL. First place STL was 2.5 games up on the Cubs, with the Giants in between the two rivals. At 79-52 the Cubs had a very good record to be sure, but 1934 had ended with those three teams in exactly that position with comparable records. By the time the Cubs lost again (on Sept. 27) they had a whopping six-game lead over their rivals and were headed to the World Series. Even after losing the final two games of the season, the Cubs posted an impressive 100-54 record before losing to Detroit in the Fall Classic.

Other Fun Facts

  • The Cubs longest win streak of 2012 was a measly 4 games – a feat they accomplished 3 times.
  • In 2011, they actually won 7 in a row. Don’t remember it? Probably because it came after a horrendous 8-17 stint.
  • Not since 2001 have the Cubs sported a winning streak of 10+ games. That year they won 12 in a row…after they’d lost 8 in a row!
  • However, 12 in a row is better than 6 different teams have EVER managed.
  • In fact, only 1 team boasts a streak longer than the Cub record of 21. The San Francisco Giants won 26 in a row back in 1916.

This Year?
What your prediction for 2013? More than the 4 game streak in 2012? Less? As for me, I expect our longest losing streak to be longer than our longest winning streak…for a fifth year in a row.

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