Not a ton of news coming out of Cubs camp lately. Expect another round of roster cuts sometime today. Bruce Levine says Matt Garza is pain free and about ready to start throwing off the mound again. Alfonso Soriano thinks the Cubs have as a good a chance as anyone, provided they get off to a hot start.

Noah covered the rumors nonsense about the Cubs possibly moving from Wrigley out to the suburbs. Rest assured, it’s not going to happen. However, if you find yourself in the pro-relocation camp, you can find some reassurance from Rick Reilly’s recent “column.” Reilly has long been a champion of shallow thought and sloppy research, but this entry represents a new low. Never mind the ridiculous conclusion he leaps to–probably in service of his hackneyed one-liners–the “math” he employs to get there would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. Honestly, I know I linked to it but it’s really not worth your time.

Montgomery Burns’ Bud Selig’s World Baseball Classic Waste of Time and Talent has claimed another victim. Dodgers’ shortstop Hanley Ramirez will miss the next eight weeks after an injury to a ligament in his right thumb that will require surgery.

Elsewhere in Chicago sports, the Bears bid a fairly unceremonious goodbye to the face of their franchise Wednesday when they announced they would not be resigning Brian Urlacher. While it’s true Urlacher was hobbled by injuries last year, the defense was still noticeably better with him on the field. Better enough to merit more than a low-ball offer ultimatum. While I’m not sure it wasn’t the right decision, I know it could have been handled much better. Michael Wilbon wrote a nice article about the unsentimental nature of the NFL. And just for fun, here’s an article I wrote last year on sports divorces.

Also in ex-Bears news, former receiver and aspiring drug kingpen Sam Hurd has been re-indicted on even more charges. If convicted, he faces a couple decades in the big house.

Yesterday was the first day of March Madness. I have no idea what happened, other than that my Oklahoma State Cowboys got pantsed by twelve-seed Oregon. I’m not a basketball fan, and I don’t even partake of the “fun” of filling out a bracket. But if you’d like to see how wrong your picks were, you can check the day’s scoreboard.

Finally, if you live in Idaho, keep an eye on your dog.

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