Cubs Recently
The ladies haven’t been digging the chauvinism so Dave Sappelt provided a long ball but the Cubs lost. And the ladies still don’t dig him…

Nate Schierholtz hit a blast of his own, his trot around the bases gave us time to remember that I comes before E. But the Cubs lost that one too.

NCAA Basketball
The collective productivity of the nation’s employees will once again face a sharp decline this week. The NCAA Tournament starts this week. Brackets are out.

NFL Rule Change
Bears RB, Matt Forte is one of many NFL players – past & present – who believes some of the new rule changes in the NFL are beyond stupid. It almost seems as if the change will guarantee ball carriers are more off-balance when they absorb a hit; they’ll certainly be more upright and easier to bring down.
*(If you can’t wait for the NFL, enjoy some Rugby League from the NRL. Guys hitting each other at full speed WITHOUT pads!)

Arena League Wants Tebow
The Arena League desperately wants to be cool again.

Crazy Woman Dies
Apparently the real woman who inspired the crazy lady in The Natural died this weekend.

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