Matt Prior Garza On The DL
I’ll be honest, I hate the news today. The Cubs put Garza on the DL. Garza says, “it’s not a setback.” Really? How is that possible, because I would say that missing the season’s first month when you’re a free agent at season’s end is kind of a big setback. And that’s what I like about this least; even if you accept the optimistic ‘he’s not really that hurt’ storyline that the Cubs and Garza are pimping, it means he’ll make maybe 10-15 starts before the trade deadline rolls around. So no matter what the Cubs choose, it will be based on very little current information.

Jeff Samardzija Starts
It also means your Opening Day starter (unsurprisingly) is Jeff Samardzija. If you told any Cubs fan 12 months ago that Jeff Samardzija would be your 2013 Opening Day starter, no one other than Jeff’s mother would expect that to be a good sign. Thankfully, it’s not as crazy a proposition as it would’ve been 12 months ago-but still. Also, it’s just the Pirates and probably AJ Burnett…so the game isn’t lost…yet.

For Doc
The Blackhawks still haven’t lost.

NY HS Basketball Game Miracle Finish
Can’t really describe this video in its fullness.

Dennis Rodman Fancies Himself A Modern-Day Dalai Lama
Predictable friends. A crazy person and Kim Jong-Un.

If This News Is Correct…
Conan O’Brien and David Letterman should retire on the same day as Jay Leno so as to guarantee great ratings for Jimmy Fallon (and/or Jimmy Kimmel) and preempt another Leno coup attempt at NBC in 18 months.

New Pope Soon, New Royal Sooner?
Conclave of pederast protectors in Rome, the British monarch is sick in the hospital.

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