Before we get to the news, I meant to address Lizzie’s two truths and a lie post the other day. She brought it to my attention that I never revealed the answer to my version of the post from awhile back. Apologies on that. I completely forgot, so let’s address that now.

Statement # 1 – I’ve seen Matt Murton naked

This is actually a true statement. I don’t remember the year, but Murton was playing for the Cubs AA team at the time and I was in the clubhouse waiting for him so I could get an interview. While I waited, I sat down with Felix Pie and spoke with him. As we talked, Murton returned from the shower. The rest is history.

Statement # 2 – I’ve spent time in jail

This is also a true story, but a little bit of a deceitful statement by me because of the wiggle room I left myself in the vagueness of the statement. When I was a young child, probably around 5 or 6, my brother and I would walk to the couple of neighbors houses and take packages off their porch. We would bring them back to our house and pretend they were ours. We wouldn’t open then, and would return them when we were done. One day my mom caught us. When my dad got home, they took us to the local police station in Chicago and had the officer on duty explain that what we did was wrong. From there they proceeded to put us both in the cell, slam the door, and walk away. Needless to say, I never stole mail again.

Statement # 3 – I hold the career record for doubles for my high school’s baseball program

This is false. I tried out for my high school team my senior year. When I realized during tryouts that even if I made the team that my playing time would be sparse, I quit and decided to be more active in my church youth group.

On to the news:

  • There was a game yesterday. The Cubs took on the Rockies in the Arizona sun and won, 4-2. Christian Villanueva and Dave Sappelt each hit their first home runs of the spring and supported Edwin Jackson who made the start and tossed two scoreless innings. (Box Score)
  • The Cubs drafted reliever, Hector Rondon, who now must stay on the 25 man roster barring a injury. Last year, you may remember that the Cubs selected Lendy Castillo. Gordon Wittenmeyer wrote that he believes Rondon has a chance to not only make this roster, but to also contribute in a meaningful way this season.
  • Dale Sveum said Scott Baker is projected to get his first spring start sometime in the middle of March with the hope for a mid to late April return barring any unforeseen setbacks.
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