Spring Training!!!
In those ever-important meaningless games, the Cubs vanquished both the reigning World Champions and the team with a trio of superstars and crazy expectations. On Saturday the Cubs battered the Los Angeles Angels, while Sunday it was a more competitive matchup with the San Francisco Giants. They’re 1-1 in Pythagorean wins though…so that’s kind of a bummer. (note to humorless Bill James defender, it’s a joke…I realize they wouldn’t be 1-1, it’s a freakin’ joke)

Yankee Pain
The Yankees aim to contend this year. They also wanted to move Brett Gardner to CF and shove Curtis Granderson over to LF. Sucks for them. If you’re looking for a team to implode like the Red Sox did last year, keep your eye on the Yankees. A-Rod PED drama again, Jeter’s ankle is healed up but the rest of him continues to age rapidly, now they lose one of their best players for all of Spring Training and the first month of the regular season. They’re a CC Sabathia high ankle sprain away from seeing how Steinbrenner’s kids (mis)behave in crisis.

Something Else, Everything Else
Well that was too much baseball in February for me too…some kid from Texas ran really fast at the NFL Combine. Some NASCAR fan got confused about the horrific crash this weekend, I don’t think ‘war zones’ have flying car engine and tires. Maybe he’s from Detroit. The Oscars were last night; remember, that’s when we listen to a bunch of uppity rich people tell us how hard this world is and which movies of theirs we should go and watch. This guy is more difficult to find than the Chupacabra, more difficult to kill than John McClane, and more filthy rich than even Oprah. And don’t forget, they’ll start the process to find a new Pope this week.

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