To some, it means scorpions and deadly spiders. To some it means saguaro cacti and bobcats. To Cubs fans, Arizona is the gateway to happiness. Sort of (if it means losing 101 games in a season, a person’s happiness could be in jeopardy, but I digress).

To a select thirty people, Arizona means opportunity. The excitement of the season looms ahead, but so does the opportunity of a lifetime. Say hello the the MLB FanCave Top 30.

After two weeks of relentless campaigning via twitter, Facebook, and various other media outlets, the Top 30 Finalists were announced yesterday, here. Those of you who may be friends with me on Facebook or follow me on twitter were victims of the constant reminders to vote and spread the word.

To those of you who voted, thank you! Because of you, I’m going to Arizona next week for the next phase of the contest. I’m not quite sure exactly what we’ll be doing the whole time, but I am completely sure it is going to be legendary.

We will be arriving in Phoenix on Monday afternoon/evening and the festivities carry on until Thursday when we return home. Sometime after that they will announce the Cave Dwellers. The Cave Dwellers will then move to New York to participate in the final portion of the contest.

In non-FanCave related news, Brett Jackson debuted his new batting stance. The Cubs posted a picture of him on Instagram. You can see it here. It looks a lot different from his stance last year; his back elbow is considerably lower than it was last season. We will see if that carries over into hitting off live throws and then into game situations.

Non-Baseball News

And, there is sad, sad news in the realm of Olympic athletes. Oscar Pistorius has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. Pistorius competed in the 2012 Olympics. He is a double-amputee.

You can read the story here.

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Katie Cernek is a regular contributor to VFTB. She grew up as a Cubs fan in rural Wisconsin and fondly remembers hearing stories of Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams, Ernie Banks, and Ron Santo. You can find Katie on Twitter @heyitskatiec