Super Bowl!
The game swung wildly from blowout to interesting when half the lights in the Superdome suddenly shut off just after the Ravens had taken a 28-6 lead in the 3rd quarter. Baltimore had all the momentum and the 49ers clawed back scoring 23 points in roughly 12 minutes of play. They got as close as 2 points, or a defensive holding call that’s sure to leave half the Harbaugh family disappointed. On what would be the 49ers final play from scrimmage, Colin Kaepernick threw a ball past the outstretched arms of Michael Crabtree. Whether Kaepernick overthrew the ball or Crabtree was egregiously held probably depends on your allegiance. Ultimately the Ravens held on for a 34-31 win.

Ray Lewis leaves the game a champion for a second time, firmly securing his spot in Ravens lore and punching a ticket to the Hall of Fame in four years. Move over OJ Simpson, it’s time for another HOFer who beat a murder rap.

It wasn’t the prettiest Super Bowl that was ever played, of course the 34 minute power outage had more than a little to do with that; a handful of people likely woke up this morning wondering if that outage will cost them their job. Not since Bud Selig presided over the ASG tie in Milwaukee has a major American sports league seen such an unnecessary bungling of a marquee event. Surely in 2013 our arenas and stadiums have better backup plans than to sit around for 30+ minutes waiting for everything to come back to life. CBS’ coverage of that particular portion of the night was hilariously awful. James Brown ‘the lights have gone out here, down to Steve Tasker for more on the field’ – Steve Tasker ‘the lights are out James, and it’s going to take some time to get them back’ – James Brown ‘John Harbaugh looks furious on the sideline’…ya think James? His team is sporting a 22-point lead in the Super Bowl and they are forced to take a second halftime because the stadium can’t stay lit. Marino and Cowher bickering only made it more laughable.

The Commercials
I don’t understand some of the Super Bowl advertisers. Does McDonald’s really need a Super Bowl commercial to stay in our conscious? Does a commercial about a stain on a jersey really make a guy say to his old lady, ‘you know I think we should start using Tide as our primary detergent’? And do commercials for alcoholic beverages do any good after halftime? Because either you’ve already been drinking (in which case, the commercial isn’t leaving an impression) or you’re not going to be drinking. Isn’t Carl’s Jr. just throwing money down the toilet? I’m not leaving with 5:25 remaining in the first quarter to run through the Carl’s Jr. drive-thru.

Anyway, the Audi commercial seems to have received the greatest reception; and I must concur that the GoDaddy commercial was simply nasty; because when I’m knuckle deep in guacamole the last thing I want to see is the overweight, afro’d nerd making out with a supermodel.

Cubs’ News
If you’re headed to Mesa for Spring Training, you’ll get a good look at Javier Baez. He, along with 22 others have received non-roster invites from the team. Casey Coleman secured one of them too…sorry, Buddy.

Rich Indians
I need to trace my heritage, maybe I can still get into the tribe.

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